You might be very aware of the fact that Google has already rattled off the huge list of manufacturers that are also manufacturing the smart-watches and this is the future which is very brighter than what it is actually in the contemporary scenario. Here, the best 20 smartwatches will going to be elaborated that can be availed in the future, but it has not been made official till now. There is aplethora of smartwatches which are leveraged by high-tech companies and these may be the contribution of a unbeatable Android Application Development Company.

The Best Smartwatches

Gear Up with striking smart watches –

1. Sony Smartwatch 2

Sony smartwatches

The very popular brand; Sony is leveraging a very serious looking device. This is highly Android compatible that allows the user to check-up all the calls, social media and emails without making any trouble to the fingers and this also comes up with the host of out-stranded Android apps.

2. Pebble and Pebble Steel

Pebble Smartwatches trio group

Among the other smartwatches this smartwatch has a very interesting story to follow and this also has a multi-million dollar success story that culminates within a spot on the majority of retailers’ shelves along with a follow-up product. This also has an e-ink device that might be limited just because of the lack of various features such as touch screen and color. This also owns an open nature that also allows the developers to craft a tons of apps that are loved by millions of users. It also has an affordable sides that are compared with most of the devices on the list.

3. Martian Smartwatch

Martian Notifier smartwatches

In the contemporary scenario, this watch has been encountered as the most elegant smartwatch. This is also designed with a stand alone smart device that owns the functionality akin to other user’s smartphone. These smartwatches has been designed to be employed as simple as extension of other smartphones. The users can avail the various astonishing features such as smartphone camera control, hands-free voice commands, messages as well as alerts displays. All such features are such that they combine with the sophisticated styling that makes the Martian smartwatch a prominent choice especially to those who are not looking to avail a fully-fledged electronic device on their wrist. The Apple’s smart watches can undergo any technical issues and thus for this proficient Android App Developer for Hire can be availed.

4. G Shcok Bluetooth watch

Casio Japan Bluetooth G SHOCK Smartwatches

There might be plethora of fans of the chunky and bold G Shock design; they all will be excited with this very fresh twist. There exists a Bluetooth timepiece that will connect your smartphone along with allowing the user to sync time, receiving calls, useful “find me” option, email alerts and other features for setting the mobile to ring when it gets lost.

5. Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung gear fit smartwatches

Here comes a platform that will aid you with the little strip of wonder that will focus primarily on the capable fitness, activity tracker and sleeping as well. It also owns a curved AMOLED display that will boost it up on the different categories. There is a rectangular aspect ratio within the display that will not lend itself to the traditional smart watch apps. However, it must not be hindered as per the basic needs of other users. Following all this, you can still afford the ability to tell the time along with the instant access of the fresh messages, music controls as well as notifications.

6. ZTE BlueWatch

ZTE BlueWatch Smartwatches

ZTE is the only one that has revealed this device as the prototype that also existed at the Mobile World Congress. However, it also looked pretty elegant especially for something that is actually not ready avail for the retailing. The device is such that it relies on e-link technology that will going to display the worth-full bits of data within which you are actually interested and this all that we know about the time being. The user also keep an eye, if ZTE is going to bring up the consumer at some instance, or whether they have decided to get back to existing drawing board at the light of recent developments.