Haven’t you had a dream that one day you can easily add Mosaic to any photo? PhotoShop, of course, can do it. But the fact is PS is hard to learn and expensive to use. Today, we just get a piece of official news from a software group “ Watermark Software Crop”. It is all about great news of a dummy photo watermark bundle giveaway. With simple review of the main software, we find it support for Mosaic and many more effects. If you haven’t get a copy of PS, why not skip PhotoShop this time? Anyway, a free software won’t cost a penny!

Watermark software giveway

What’s trilling is the giveaway bundle covers two useful small software – free licensed Watermark Software(V8.0) and Video to Picture (V5). Let’s take a tour:

Free Pack: http://www.watermark-software.com/halloween/

Tips on Watermark Software V8.0

Watermark Software version 8.0 is a new edition. It adds versatile text and three brushes in this edition. It will bring you with a brand new feeling of Watermark Software.

Watermark Software

Text in Watermark Software is quite powerful for adding all kinds of texts. The selections for text is quite numerous. Normal, Stroke, Fluorescence, Grain, Color, Gradient, Hollow, Chalk, 3D, Tag are ten selectable text choices.

Image is set to add image watermark to photos. Drag and release the edge of image will help to change the size of the image watermark and put them in the position you preferred. Also you can change opacity, shadow, tile and blend mode.


Watermark SoftwareEffect section contains more thrilling functions, includes Mosaic, Color and Bokeh. Mosaic is our well-known Mosaic, blurring the parts. Color is to keep the colors of some parts and B&W other parts. Bokeh is to create a smooth graphic with some parts remained.

Other shining functions of Watermark Software remains for your exploring. Batch watermarking, batch renaming, batch resizing are all more convenient.

What’s Video to Picture?

Video to Picture is a class video to picture converting software. It’s faster & easier to convert. Almost all videos are supported. So it will be easy for you to make an animated GIF from any video. Besides, you can make a bunch of seriate still images. This freebie is waiting for your exploring and enjoying.

Watermark Software

How Can We Get These Two Software?

There is a Giveaway Landing page to go: http://www.watermark-software.com/halloween/
Go get them and install them on your Window PC.

Do use the licenses to register before Nov 8th. Or you won’t be able to enjoy the perks. And


Go get them and enjoy your time!