Whether you work as a project manager, a bookkeeper, or perhaps as an accountant, chances are that you deal with different types of documents on a regular basis and that you often need to easily convert them to a different format on your computer.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is by far the single most used format for exchanging documents and projects with colleagues worldwide. The reason why this is so lies in a few attributes unique to the PDF. For starters, it is a non-editable format by nature, so if you don’t want someone to make changes to your document, the PDF is probably the best solution among file formats. Also, it can easily be secured with passwords using appropriate software.

Easily convert pdf to excel

Easily Convert PDF to Excel

Another nifty quality of this file format is that it can be opened and viewed with unchanged formatting on every computing platform and operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux). That’s why there are many ways you can save a PDF file, including saving it in MS Office. Microsoft Office native formats (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) are commonly used across different academic and professional fields and often need to be stored and shared in PDF, for the third party to be able to view them easily. But what happens when you need to edit the PDF file you just received?

Most of the conversion software available today is pretty expensive because the technology is still developing, so in order to buy it you have to be prepared to invest some serious money.

However, for people who cannot afford expensive software or who don’t need professional PDF conversion tools, there are some fantastic free online alternatives, and one of them is the Free PDF to Excel Converter Online (PDF Converter also has a free PDF to Word and a PowerPoint option), and you can use it to easily convert your PDF file back to the original document formats, in just a couple of clicks.

pdf to excel converter

Everything is done in three simple steps. First off you choose a file that you wish to easily convert.

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The next step is entering your email address (the data is saved on the servers for only 24 hours and user privacy is guaranteed), and the third and final step is opening a link that you received on your email that will guide you to the download page. It’s as easy as pie!

So, if you had these issues before, head to the the website and make your workday a little easier and simpler.