The world is in a global economy melt down – or in other words, Financial Armageddon and it becomes extremely important to be wise in order to earn money online or offline doing what you love. Hence, I will share with you the top 5 ways to make money online.

But just before I push these online money making methods to you, I’d like to clear some of your misconceptions about making money online.

Perhaps you’ve been fooled that making money online is easy and that you can earn money online in 48hrs or in whatever hours they promise you. I put it straight to you; those are ‘get rich quick schemes’ and 98% of the time the author just wants to run away with your hard earned money.

Make money online

My two cents: be wary of such persons as to run for your dear life!

If you are still with me and are ready to get your hands dirty as to think smart, act smart and work hard, then my following thoughts will be useful for you. Read on…

Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Online

1. Freelance Writing

This came first because in recent times, it has been one of my best methods of making money online. As a freelance writer, you can earn an average of 50 cents to a dollar per word. Some even earn twice as that!

You should know though that it doesn’t start like that but that you have to build your portfolio, your resume and the likes.

This is a viable method of making money online if you’re one who is passionate about writing. But if writing is not your thing, don’t even dream of being a freelance writer. It will cripple you!

Yes, it will cripple you and that’s because success in freelance writing business requires a whole lot of dedication and time. So you need to be sure you are caught up for that to jump on the ropes.

So you say, “It’s what I can do, Theo”. Fine. Next thing you want to do before starting to contact freelance writing companies is to have a web presence – a blog. You need to have your own blog where you share your awesomeness, that is your explosive thoughts on writing.

Don’t have enough budgets to create and run a blog? A simple LinkedIn profile works too to get started.

When you are sure of your readiness to jump on the freelance writing boat, just start with these 50 great resources.

However, if you are a wordsmith and knows your onions well then me thinks you are ready for the business of making money online. These 10 resources are sure to worth your while.

2. Sell Your Own Stuffs

There are plethora ways of making money online these days and one of the prominent ways is to sell something and make even more money online — might be to create a simple pdf version of a book, a plugin or an application.

There are a few general tips to effectively selling your stuffs online and they are:

3. Get a PayPal Account

If at this juncture you don’t already have a PayPal account, you might want to go get one. It’s the standard in online business for receiving payment and paying others.

4. Be Highly Efficient and Professional

professionalism and efficiency is what continually rolls the cake towards you. What I mean by this is, people will like to buy from or do business with you the moment they realize that you are efficient and professional in what you do. Simple, right?

5. Be Honest

Whatever you do make sure you are honest. So if you are selling second hand/used items, let people know from the onset. Don’t let them find out by themselves. It will affect your sales next time.

Follow those guidelines and you will do well in online business and sales. If you are ready to start selling, below are a few place and tips to start with.

Earn money online

20 Tips for Moving Your Offline Business into the Online World

  1. Amazon – FBA which stands for Fulfilled by Amazon is a program where you are allowed to buy products and then ship to Amazon for them to store for you. The moment your program started to sell, Amazon packs them up, ships them out and send your money to you (after taking their own cut). There are people killing it with this online money making method.
  1. Teaching and Training – This is a really cool way to earn money online in that you create a course on a subject, then make it available via your website or social media accounts. You will need to have a background knowledge on the subject and be able to weave words out too. I have got friends who make their entire monthly income through this model.
  1. Build a site and sell ads – Entertainment and gossips site have the chances of going viral as a lot are happening in our world today. I mean there are loads of crazy things happening in the music and movie industry worth covering. You can simply build a website where you can write about these things. Once your site takes shape to going viral, you can apply ad codes on the site and start making money month-in-month-out.
  1. Sponsored Posts – To earn money online, you can help big companies to publish branded contents on your site and make money from as low as $10 upward. To learn more about sponsored post, go here (link).
  1. Sell a service – Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. Much the same, the best way to earn money online is to lose yourself in serving other people. There are many service-based business to jump on; web designing, freelance writing, and the likes. Just get creative.

In conclusion

These are my top 5 ways to earn money online. I’d like to hear what steps above you’ve tried or any you’ve personally tried and that is working fine for you.