Drone Racing – Is This the Next Billion Dollar Business?


We are always looking for new business ideas, new ways to tap into the market, unexplored niches. How about joining the drone racing business? It’s just starting to pick up and you can tap into it before everyone else does, which is inevitable, what with almost everyone owning a drone nowadays.

Drone racing has completely revolutionized gaming and taken the world by storm. You probably might not have heard about this yet, but it involves a couple of drone enthusiasts competing on who can fly their drone faster and higher without crashing. There are obstacles and speeds usually go over 70 miles per hour.

Drone racing

But today we won’t discuss the entertainment side of this activity. We’ll talk about the business that is becoming and how you can cut a pretty big slice for yourself.

Manufacture or sell drones for racing

There are hundreds of drone manufacturers out there in the market. Problem is, mostly all try to capture the same market, by improving on already manufactured drones.

Why not focus on building drones with capabilities centered on racing? With so many people wanting to get into the drone racing competitions, you will make a killing with the machines.

And since mostly it’s the young people who participate in these competitions, you can try to add a few aspects to the drones that appeal to them; improve the video quality, better camera resolution and offer more stylish designs.

If you don’t know where to start, you can read about DIY drone kits and how to put one together without any help in My Drone Lab.

Promoting drone racing events

Drone racing is gaining rapid popularity and in no time, many people will be paying money to go and watch such races.

You can make money as an event promoter because of the more people you get into the matches, the more your commission increases. With events, it all comes down to your creativity, how best you can attract the crowds. More people translate into more money.

Sponsoring the events

If you have a brand that mostly appeals to the youth, but you just don’t know how to promote it, you can try sponsoring drone racing matches which also gives you the right to advertise your merchandise. This is a win-win situation because most people attending the event will see your posters and want to try out the products.

Making people aware of your product is always the first step. With subsequent aggressive advertising, you can sit back and watch your profits start pouring in.

Factors to consider before joining the drone racing world

You don’t have to start a drone business to be able to make millions out of the drone racing craze. How about trying to get the money through actually participating in competitions? The races usually offer big awards so, if you can’t join the businessmen, you can always beat them at their own game.

Still, there are a few things you should know before setting out on this captivating journey. For beginners, drone racing can be quite intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, things become much easier.

Intensive Research

When you are starting out, you do not have the luxury of just sitting back and waiting to excel at something. For drone racing, you have to go through numerous tutorial online, even on YouTube and other online platforms, and also interact with other drone pilots so that you can at least get the scope of it all.

We recommend that you pay very close attention to the safety guidelines that come with flying drones because most of us get caught up in the frenzy and forget that safety should always come first.

Additionally, do your homework and find out which are the best drones in the market for racing to avoid purchasing the wrong ones and losing your money in the process. Start out with a cheaper one that you can use to learn them you can move to more advanced drones later on, which are bound to cost more.


Let’s face it. If you haven’t been part of drone racing before, there is no way you are just going to get into it and start competing.

Join a drone community where you can practice with experienced pilots. We advise that you use a technique whereby you can connect transmitters with an expert such that even if you get it wrong, they can take over the controls, thus keep you from getting into trouble.

It takes a lot of practice to get it right, so don’t give up the very few times you try and it doesn’t go well. It’s through the constant crashing that you will learn. Only make sure to purchase a drone that can take a beating and get repairs at a minimal cost.

Take it to the next level

You will never know how good or bad you are until you can compete with other people. The races have different skill levels, so don’t shy away from the races. You can start off at the beginner level and build your way up to the big leagues.

The winners are always awarded and you can end up making a living out of the sport.

Wrapping up

Drone racing is like a break from reality, for the many people who indulge in the sport. And you can earn millions either as a businessman promoting or sponsoring the events or as a competitor.

It’s a business charge world we live in today. You cannot afford to be left out in the cold. If you are in the drone business, it sure does help to diversify and building drones for racing purposes. After all, profits are always the main aim of any business. Therefore, you have to do whatever it takes to make your business profitable.


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