10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site with Google Plus Profile

Do you want to drive traffic to your site? Google+ is not nearly as popular as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and numerous others, but it has the benefit of being run by Google. This means there are potentially many traffic driving and search engine friendly opportunities to be had. Though it is not certain, it is plausible that Google gives more search engine benefit to people using Google+ than other social media networks. Here are ten ways to drive traffic to your website with a Google Plus profile.

Drive traffic by Google Plus

Drive Traffic through Google Plus Profile

1. Start by getting more traffic to Google+

There are plenty of people that employ numerous tricks to their Google+ profiles for getting more people to convert over to their website, and yet forget that without website traffic on their Google+ profile they are not going to drive traffic anywhere. Simply linking your Google Plus profile pages to pages of your website and blog is enough to start driving traffic to your Google+ profile, as is linking it from other websites and by employing some of the techniques you read on this article.

2. Get links from other peoples Google+ profiles to your profile

Having friends post them on their profiles for you is a great way of doing this, and potentially involves very little effort on your part. You can also ask your friends to post links to your website on their profiles too.

3. Add links to your Google+ profile from your other social media profiles

Drive traffic from other social media networks to your Google Plus profile. You may simply want to link from your other profiles to your website, but if you link to Google Plus too then you may get more people to read your Google Plus posts and so get more people to visit your website.

4. Use the authorship program

Write articles online and link them to your Google Plus profile if the website you post the articles on will allow you to. (Now it closed.)

5. Add widgets to your blogs and other websites

Obviously, if you only have one website then it may seem silly to add a widget or link from your website to your Google Plus profile. But, there is a chance that people may return to your Google+ profile numerous times to see your posts. During those times you may promote your website so they visit again. Without this promotion, your viewers may land on your website and then never return. If they are viewing your Google+ profile then they may return of their own accord at a later date.

6. Promote your website

Simply touting the merits of your website on your own Google Plus profile is a way of getting more web traffic. You may experiment with a number of methods of promoting without having to pay the fees you would on other websites.

7. Get other people to promote your profile and website

Instead of just asking your friends for links, you can ask them to outright promote your website. You can have them write their own testimonials and add in the promotional content that you send them. You can also ask your acquaintances and family if they will do it too, and maybe even pay the people that are not friends of yours.

8. Ask questions on your profile that may be answered on your website

For example, you may post something about how inadequate water protection on a house may cause black mold to form which is hazardous to people’s health. Your post could gently lead people to the question “How can I avoid this?” at which point you direct them to your website for the solution.

9. Be an overly active member

Google Plus likes the people that are active and may give your posts more cover if it appears you are an active member. There is also a higher chance of you connecting with more people that may then move from your Google Plus profile to your website.

10. Post full articles

This may seem like a time consuming and/or expensive thing to do (if you are buying the articles), but it may help you rank in the Google search engine. They are not above showing social media posts on their search engine results pages. If you create an article that answers a question that may be entered into Google, then there is a chance that your social media post will be shown on the Google search engine results and therefore bring more people to your Google+ profile.

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