How to Download NCERT Books Textbooks in PDF Format?


Download NCERT books online for free: National council of educational research and training (NCERT) publishes books for the Central board of secondary education (CBSE) from class 1st to class 12th. Along with that, NCERT organizes NTSC, ERIC, AISES, Innovation awards, and JNNSMEE. NCERT books are important for most competitive examinations because of high-quality study material and resources. These books are essential to beat examinations like IAS, PCS, PCSJ, etc. These books are published in limited numbers/editions, so the availability of these books nearby you sometimes becomes difficult. You can download ePathshala App for Android to access NCERT books and other resources on your phone. Now you can read these books on your tablet or other mobile devices.

NCERT books download free pdf

Download NCERT Books Textbooks for Free

It is straightforward to download NCERT textbooks from the official website of NCERT. In this article, I will explain to you step by step how to download these NCERT textbooks?

Steps to Download NCERT Books Online

First, you should land on the NCERT textbook download page.

There you’ll find the toolbar like that as given below

NCERT textbooks read/download Menu Toolbar
NCERT textbooks – read/download toolbar

Now click on the ‘Select Class’ drop-down and choose a class.

Select Class for which you want to read/download NCERT textbook
Select Class for which you want to read/download NCERT textbooks

After selecting a class, you should click on the ‘Select Subject’ drop-down and choose a subject

Select Subject for which you want to read/download NCERT textbook
Select Subject for which you want to read/download NCERT textbooks

After selecting class and subject, you should click on the ‘Select Book Title’ drop-down and choose a book title.

Select NCERT textbook title
Select NCERT textbook title

Now you’re almost done. Just click on the GO button.

Click 'Go' to read/download selected textbook
Click ‘Go’ to read/download the selected CBSE NCERT textbook

This action will show you the selected textbook.

Read or download NCERT textbooks online
Read/download NCERT textbooks online.

Finally, to download the complete textbook, you should click on ‘Download complete book.’

These books will be in zip format. All chapters of this textbook will be in PDF format. To open/read this textbook, you’ll need two software first is WinRar to unzip the zip file, and the second is Adobe reader to read the textbook’s chapters.

Download WinRar to Open Rar & Zip File

I hope you’ll appreciate this post.

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  1. Hello, I want books free other than ncert. I want books like of T.S Grewal, Kalyani Publications for free. Please tell how to download these books for free.

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  3. thanks for putting such an easy way of downloading books
    it really saved my life

  4. Super textbook it was helpful to thank you for providing……but it is not opening in my phone…..


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