There are loads of popular mac cleaning tools available on Mac App Store. Despite their name, these apps do much more than cleaning. The common tasks (beside junk-cleaning) that mac cleaning apps perform ranges from memory optimization to duplicates finder.

Doctor Disk Cleaner is a one-click memory optimizer and cleaning tool for Mac. As mentioned earlier, there is no dearth of such applications available in Mac App Store, so everything comes down to an application that fulfills the needs of the user without asking for much in return.

Doctor Disk Cleaner

In my opinion, spending close to $50 for a Mac optimization tool would not be the wise decision when there are apps that could do the same for few dollars or even for free.

Doctor Disk Cleaner is a new free-app that claims to clean and speed up the performance of a Mac PC.

Is Doctor Disk Cleaner worth installing? Let’s find out.

Should you have a cleaning application?

Is there any need of applications such as Doctor Disk Cleaner? Yes and No.

If your Mac is not troubling you, there is little merit in installing optimizing tools. But if your Mac is old, boots slow and frequently shows rainbow colored beach ball, good cleaning apps are worth to try.

Doctor Disk Cleaner Review

What make a Mac optimization tool different from others are its ease-of-use and the price it is asking for? Doctor Disk Cleaner scores high in both the departments.

The app is equipped with all modules that such apps should have, and it packages them well to present itself to the users in a very user-friendly way. To top it all, it is free.

You can access the app by clicking on its icon from the menu bar of your Mac. It appears more like a quick access menu. This quick-access window has two modules i.e. ‘Memory Optimizer’ and ‘Quick Clean’.

Doctor Disk Cleaner for Mac OSMemory optimizer informs the users about the apps using significant memory. Clicking on ‘Optimize’ option frees up some RAM that leads to a better system performance.

We didn’t always feel the difference in the system’s speed before and after using optimize feature but in many cases when there were a lot of apps opened in our Mac and as a result of which it tended to slow down, using optimize button did help in getting things back to the normal. So it works.

Quick Clean is rather a simple utility which allows users to remove all the junk files with a click.

Doctor Disk Cleaner for Mac OS Deleting JunkThere is another option i.e. Full Disk Scan at the bottom of the app’s window. As the name suggests, it thoroughly scans your Mac to find all junk and other trashy items such as partial downloads and browser history.

With one click, it allows you to scrap all the junk that your Mac has accumulated over the time.

There is another module ‘Large files’. It shows the users all large files that are above the size of 100 MB, a file-size filter that is set by default (one can change it). A user can simply select multiple files from the list and delete them in one go by clicking on ‘Clean Now’.

Doctor Disk Cleaner for Mac OS Large FilesLarge Files is a very useful utility to instantly get to know which files are occupying significant storage space. If you are pretty quick at downloading programs or videos from Internet, or frequently sync your devices to your computer, this feature may come in-handy.


If you are looking for a simple yet effective mac cleaning and optimizing tool then this is a brilliant option. It is free and does its job without any issues (we didn’t face any).

We miss some features such as Duplicates Finder and a built-in uninstaller, but this should not deter you from trying this app.