In this modern era, sharing information with others is very much important, but at the same time the information need to be secured so that no one can change it. Using PDF files ( or Portable Document Format) is becoming more popular as many people have started using this format for sharing information across the internet. This file format was established in 1990.

Some of the PDF files are not editable. This means that no one can make any changes in the information you share. It is the easiest and most secure way of sharing information. Well, if you want to change some information then you need to make a new word document or edit the old word document and then convert into a PDF file but all this conversion process is lengthy and time consuming. For this you can use various conversing or merging tools that are available on the internet.Merge Two PDF Files

Docs.Zone is online merging tool that merge two+ PDF files online. It is specially designed for providing different conversion services. All such conversion process is done online on the publisher’s website, so downloading or installing the software on your device or PC is not necessary. MS Excel, PDF, JPEG, and MS Word are some of the different formats that can be supported by this website.

Various Conversion Services includes

  • PDF to images
  • PDF to Word or Excel
  • Creates PDF files
  • Merging different PDF files
  • Converting home page into PDF

Therefore, you find this conversion process very easy and simple to use. Also, you can convert your PDF files, in any other format.

Process of Conversion or Merging of PDF files

The Merging process requires only few mouse clicks as a result it, save much of your time.

  • First, you have to get registered on the website because using their services needs a user’s account.
  • Load the Docs.Zone webpage on your browser. The webpage has various different tabs displaying different features.
  • In order to merge different PDF files you need to select the tab, which has Combine PDF files option. Through this option you can merge numerous files in the same PDF file.
  • Then, Click on the select files option, so that you can merge all the files in the PDF file. Also, you need to drag and drop the files correctly, so that information appears in the correct sequence.
  • Now, allow the Docs.Zone to perform its function by pressing the start button.
  • As the file will get converted, you will get the notification so that you can download the file on your computer.

Advantage of Docs.Zone website

  • Conversion process is very fast, which allows you to finish it, before deadline.
  • You can work 24/7 on this website.
  • PDF file be magnified a number of times.
  • The converted file can be downloaded within 6 hours. The website can store it for 6 hours, so that you can conveniently download the file within this time period.

Thus, you can see how this website can be beneficial, since it makes the conversion of files unchallenging.