Inspecting and scrutinizing a PC may seem a troublesome, precisely because of file abundance and poor disk usage. This is when we look for a tool or an app, which can give us apt information about all files, while minimizing the effort. Therefore, we tested many disk utilities and decide to dedicate a write-up to the best disk cleaner. For us, this happened to be Disk Analyzer Pro, which has been serving well to users (at least till now) and is expected to do the same in future as well. Use of this disk utility results in best disk management.

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Disk Analyzer Pro for best results

Let’s start by understanding what it does. Disk Analyzer Pro examines the disk and summarizes all data in well presentable reports. These reports are grouped considering various elements, for instance, you will find similar byte-size file under ‘Size’ tab. There are many more such reports. One can preview files in these reports and delete unnecessary ones. Let’s hop on to its features and understand the tool better.


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  • Scan all and any disk, folder or map drive i.e. any external drive.
  • Presents scanning result in summarized reports, making file deletion process simple and swift.
  • The tool is designed with various summary report formats, wherein all information about the folders and files are listed.
  • Recycle bin is nested in the tool.
  • Create and export reports out of the tool.
  • Any large, old or any specific file can be obtained in a click.
  • Details of space consumption are displayed in a clear and understandable pattern.
  • It allows the user to switch to custom scanning. This is particularly helpful when the user wants to get details of any particular drive, folder or any other specific area of the system.
  • Files are opened in File Viewer, wherein the user is given the preference to preview, delete, rename, move and copy the file.

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Short-comings in the Tool   

Developers have designed the tool with great precision. Draw backs were hard to find, but still we could figure out one. Although it is there to help the users but it might end up in confusing them. The tool has many summary reports. There are times when one file is listed in multiple reports since it falls under those categories as well. This listing on one hand shows the accuracy of the tool but on the other hand might fuss-up in the mind of the user. However, we can’t really pin point it as an absolute flaw, but yes it gives a call to the developer to find a way out.        

Highlights of the Tool

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We were highly impressed by the user interface of the tool. It is guideless, handy and quick. Another fine feature of this tool is ‘Export Report’, which you will find on extreme left under ‘Tools’ window. This element allows users to export any selected report for later viewing. The report can be saved in any format amongst a few which are supported by the tool. These formats are HTML, CVS and XML. We also liked summary reports. They are simple to understand and easy for removing unwanted data hence restoring space on the disk.

In a nutshell, this disk utility tool is good to use. Anyone facing issues with low disk space can install and use this tool. The purpose will certainly get fulfilled, resulting in optimum disk usage. To get this app, follow the link below, it is free. Download and installing is easy. If still you come across any issue, then you can get back to the tutorial, which is attached with this disk cleaner.

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