Digital Marketing – 5 Revolutionary Changes


In this fast-moving world, it pays to stay ahead of the curve. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of digital marketing, so there can be no more useful information for a digital marketing team than what the key trends and changes will be in the immediate future. So here are five such changes which you need to bear in mind while planning campaigns.

Digital marketing changes
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Revolutionary Digital Marketing Trends

1. Google Keyword Data

During the Q4 of 2013, Google did what they’d threatened to do for some time; they radically culled organic keyword data. This has made tracking analytics keywords considerably more difficult for digital marketers, as it is no longer possible to measure the effectiveness of targeted keywords.

But this should be seen as an opportunity, not a disaster. This is one key area where you can gain an advantage over the competition by creatively marketing content, instead of relying on pure SEO. The greater relevance and richer content you give your sites and campaigns, the better they will fare.

2. Twitter Pay Per Click Advertising

Onward 2014 the dawn of Twitter’s new Pay Per Click advertising product. Of course, Twitter already offers big opportunities to digital marketers, but this is set to increase exponentially with their new innovation. Digital marketing campaigns can potentially gain a big boost from using this new platform, but it should be said in mitigation that producing the right tone for a campaign is also important. Beware of ‘shouting’; ie. pushy and repetitive commercial tweets with no attendant substance.

3. Mobile Voice Search

All smartphone manufacturers are now embracing voice search within their products. This has already been a part of Apple, Google and Samsung devices for a while, but the next generation of mobile phones look set to enhance this function considerably, and its central inclusion in the Xbox One video games console has also underlined its potential. This technology is here to stay and will shape the way we share and interpret data not just in the coming year, but for years to come. It would thus be wise to keep abreast of it.

4. Smartphone and Tablet Apps Increasingly Important

The rise and rise of smartphone technology look to continue in 2014, with the two market leaders, Apple and Samsung, both intending to release new devices, and strong rumors that Amazon will release its first-ever smartphone. Furthermore, tablet computing has been considered by some analysts to be the faster-growing technology in history. Thus, paying attention to this constantly evolving platform will be essential for digital marketers, with programmers continually pushing back the boundaries of possibility in this strata.

5. Google+ to Grow in Prominence

If you make your corn from the digital world, it would be rather stupid to pay little heed to Google. Naturally, this is the most important company in the world for digital marketers, and through its Google+ platform had some catching up to do, it is beginning to carve out an important niche. 2014 will see Google+ become a mainstream social network, as Google has invested a lot of time and effort in it, so it will pay to have a strong Google+ presence.


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