How to Boost Social Shares with Excellent Headlines?


Why Are Excellent Headlines Paramount In Digital Marketing? Headlines or the so-called post titles are certainly the most important part of an article. Why? Because readers tend to use headlines in deciding whether to read or not one’s article.  No matter how a good particular article is, if it has a weak headline, the utmost possibility is it won’t get read. You can also boost social shares with excellent headlines. Below are few considerations that support the importance of a good headline.

Boost social shares with excellent headlines

Importance of an Excellent Headlines

  • Gets RSS readers attention. Titles can have great ability in gripping the attention of those who follow one’s blog through RSS feeds in news aggregators. Most of the readers who use news aggregator tend to scan first the titles (to find interesting contents) prior to reading the entire post.
  • Works well for social bookmarking sites. Like how it works in getting RSS readers’ attention, the same things apply to various social bookmarking sites just like These sites possess good potential in giving your site several possible visitors mostly based on the title of your post.
  • Promotes Better Interactions. Excellent headlines could have a great impact when it comes to the interactions of your loyal readers within your site. One of the best ways in making a web user get intrigued with your website is by capturing his/her attention through impressive headlines on your site’s contents.
  • Offers further benefits for SEO. Though there are several factors that contribute as to how the search engines rank a page, one of the most effective factors onsite is the impressive title of the page’s content.

Tips to Boost Social Shares with Excellent Headlines

In writing a post, take time with the title. Several writers tend to pour a whole lot of effort in crafting interesting and engaging articles, however then just put any boring title into it without thinking that in doing so their article might fall at the risk of not getting read.

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Have your title as the advertisement of your work. Make sure to take at least a couple of minutes before pressing ‘publish’ to ensure that your title is maximized for the readers to get more engaged with your entire content.

The great news is that with a little work and thought, you can learn to write better and excellent headlines. To help you, we have actually listed here few things to keep in mind while writing a headline.

1. Start With Numbers

Headlines that have numbers in them usually perform better when compared to other styles of writing headlines. A post that is on a ‘list-type’ is typically easy to read and that’s really crucial in today’s very busy environments.

Here’s the thing: you may use low numbers to show how concise your article is or a high number to demonstrate how comprehensive the content is. However, do not get too high as it will appear too strenuous to read or get too low as it will look useless.

Also, using odd numbers, especially number seven (7) works fine in excellent headlines.

Another thing, have it in numerical figure rather than being spelled out. It goes well for the readers and takes up lesser space.

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2. Illustrate Value

Readers must be able to see the value of reading your post through your headlines. The benefits must be clearly and directly shown. Despite various skepticisms, ‘how-to’ headlines always work well as they are clearer to understand and the reader may directly see the benefits to be gained in reading through the article.

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Your headline must hold something that could convey a distinct benefit. It will be ideal if you can complement your headline with added emotions like excitement, humor or even drama but don’t go too far or you’ll lose credibility. Most individuals are not into exaggerated claims, thus, make sure that your headline is both creative and believable.

3. Prompt Curiosity

Having questions on the headline can be effective so long as it won’t make the reader answer ‘no’. Also, if you seem to answer the question in your headline, the reader then will find no point in reading your content entirely. What’s good about creating excellent headlines with questions is that it triggers tension. Readers get curious and they’ll read the whole article to find out the answer to the question posed.

4. Avoid Positive Superlatives

In contrast to the common belief about their extensive usage in headlines, positive superlatives (i.e. best, always) seem not to appear to be effective for the readers. In fact, the data given by shows that the average click-through rate on headlines that have negative superlatives (i.e. “never” or “worst”) was a staggering 63% higher than their positive counterparts.

Positive superlatives

Further, the same study shows that those headlines that contain positive superlative performed 29% poorer than those that don’t have any superlatives in them. This shows that the overuse of positive superlative in various marketing contents before (or even at the present) has led to scenarios like being ignored and doubted.

5. Put Extra Adjectives and Power Words

Adjectives as compared to superlatives can pique further interest if utilized correctly. You can incorporate effective adjectives such as beautiful, brilliant, useful and many others. These words can literally help in grabbing readers’ attention and sufficiently intrigue them to further read on.

Extra adjectives

Using power words will also be helpful in grabbing user’s attention and further motivate them to continue reading. You can use power words like ‘you, free, new, because’, copywriters from around the globe love these words so much that it has been used in headlines for decades without even losing a bit of its essence.

6. Improve Headlines through Software

Using online tools in crafting efficient and excellent headlines is surely an ideal principle. You’ll get few headline variations for your articles and be able to test its efficiency. We are personally using CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer in testing our headlines. You can use it free. This headline analyzer rates your headline with 100 as the highest score. In addition to giving a score, it will also provide essential suggestions to help improve your headline.

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With the continuous wars of streaming information and digital contents on a vast number of mediums these days, an intriguing and interesting headline is crucial to make a particular story successful. However, with the aid of the above principles and through free software, there’s no way you can’t nail your next project’s headline.


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