5 Best Debt Reduction Apps that You Must Know

Thereโ€™s quite a process to getting out of mounds of debt. It starts by consulting with debt consolidation companies, whether online or in-person and moves on to self-discipline and the right debt reduction apps.

There are a number of mobile programs that ease and simplify the process of getting out of debt. Here are a few worth considering.

Debt reduction

The Best Debt Reduction Apps

1. Mint.com

Mint is a free financial management program that you can access both online and through an app. It starts with you choosing a goal such as saving for a house or taking a vacation. In your case, youโ€™d choose the option of paying off loans or credit card debt.
After you choose your goal, it will link with your bank, loan, and credit card accounts to monitor your spending, deadlines, and payoffs. Using helpful graphs and data, you can learn to allocate spending more appropriately to pay off debt faster while keeping your family budget under control.

2. Debt Snowball Calculator

Although it will cost you $7.49 per month, the Debt Snowball Calculator from Dave Ramsey is a useful tool for paying off debt in a short amount of time. It teaches you to pay off your debt from smallest to largest, increasing your payments as you pay off your debt. It also helps you keep track of your balances, interest rates, and payments so that you can maximize every payment.

3. Debt Free

The Debt Free app is made for iOS devices and uses a similar debt snowball technique. It also includes useful calculators to help you recognize how your interest rates are affecting your debt and have useful graphs to help you visualize the process of debt repayment. It can help you achieve specific financial goals and pay off debt more quickly for just $0.99.

4. Debt Tracker Pro

You can monitor all your accounts from anywhere using the Debt Tracker Pro app. The interface is simple and easy to use so that you can look at the bigger picture when watching your balances decrease. Youโ€™ll customize your financial information and create a repayment plan, and the app will help you stay on track.

5. Unbury.Me

The name alone makes this app sound enticing like youโ€™re climbing out of a heap of debt. This app is useful for those who want a more customized debt repayment plan. You can choose to snowball your payments from lowest to highest or attack your largest debts with the highest interest rates first using the debt avalanche method.

After youโ€™ve entered your goal and your balance information, Unbury.Me will monitor your payments. It offers useful charts and graphics to help you watch the bigger picture. It will also remind you of deadlines and help you stay motivated on your journey to pay off debt more quickly.

I believe you’ll find the above debt reduction tools to save money.

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