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Everyone wants to stay up to date with latest news update in English and their native language. Reading morning newspaper is a classic and popular way but sometimes its availability becomes an issue. If today is a public holiday then you won’t get the newspaper tomorrow at most of the places. Then how you’ll feed yourself with news if there is no availability of media like television or radio. For most of people reading habit is favorite time pass and daily activity. At present time there is an alternate way which may prove a useful medium to read newspaper online if you have a mobile phone and internet connection. Number of telecom service providers are making different monthly internet plans which may fit your pocket without extra burden on your monthly expense. An internet connection your mobile phone may help you to read the newspapers online anywhere anytime.

Today’s newspaper and news agencies all have their websites and updating news on regular intervals. You can read latest updates around the world by visiting these website. But you can read the news only in offered language i.e. English or other native language. But it is important – how many web addresses you can remember and how many website you know to read the latest headlines? Secondly think about the time to open each and every site on your phone one by one.

DailyHunt Mobile App

DailyHunt is a website which works like an aggregator of news websites. You can read these newspapers in English and ten Indian languages; Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bangla, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Oriya. Browsing this website you can read more 100 regional newspapers at one place with spending a penny.

DailyHunt Available Languages
DailyHunt – Available Languages

Mobile version of this website has lighter user interface and display language selection option on the homepage. Website interface is simple, accessible and easy for all users. As you click on a language it displays the list of news agencies and name of Indian states; as you click on some news agency it shows the top stories from them and if you click on name of state it shows the news only from that state.

DailyHunt Hindi News State Wise
DailyHunt Hindi News State Wise

Suppose you want to read Telugu news then you have to click on Telugu and you’ll get the available option under this to get news in regional language Telugu. Apart from Indian news you can read the news from Bangladesh and Africa. Isn’t a very simple and easy way to read the news of your choice in few clicks?

DailyHunt Telugu News
DailyHunt Telugu News

In addition, mobile version of DailyHunt have an option to book store where you can buy books at unbelievable, cheap and best prices. Books are available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Oriya. In this section you can buy books by creating an account. You can create an account easily using social login like Facebook and Google+.

Bookmarking this website in your mobile browser is an option but you can download DailyHunt Apps for your mobile these platforms – Apple iOS, Windows OS, Android, Blackberry, Java and Symbian. After installing this app on your phone you’ll get option as I described above. Like DailyHunt mobile site its app also have simple, easy and user friendly interface. Thus you can read your favorite newspaper in your mobile phone in few click. Today’s generation is really lucky as they have such technology blessing from DailyHunt group.

DailyHunt is a winner of Global Mobile Awards 2013 for best mobile publishing product or service, Top App Awards 2012 and Google Development App Expo 2013.


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