You all are aware of default Blogger favicon for your blog. Have you ever thought your blog audience is getting bore with it or simply ignore your blog by thinking that you are not a professional blogger because you’re not using custom favicon. In year 2012 Blogger has already added a Favicon gadget in Layout section. This is on top left of Layout page above header gadget. After click on Edit on Favicon gadget you can upload custom favicon to your blog icon. It is best to select a square image which should be less than 100KB. Favicon gives your blog an unique identity. Visitor’s can easily identify your blog with it’s favicon. When someone bookmarks any page then your blog’s favicon appear next to page title or link.

Custom Favicon for Blogger Blogs

How to upload custom favicon to Blogger

1/. Go to Blogger Dashboard and select Layout tab


2/. On top left of this page you’ll see the Favicon gadget
3/. Click on text Edit
4/. Now a popup window will appear

Custom favicon for Blogger

5/. Browse and select a square image to make it favicon (.jpeg, .png, .gif, .ico) (< 100 KB in size) 6/. After successful upload of favicon Click on Save button 7/. You are done

Video Tutorial

Video Link –

You can easily design your favicon here –

You can search good favicon here –

1. If you are not able to see the favicon in your browser tab then you must clear your browser cache.
2. Otherwise you have to open following url in browser address bar –

2a. Must change with your blog address and must not forget to add /favicon.ico at last.

We believe this information will be useful for you. Having any question or doubts please write comments.