More Crossy Road Tips for Gamers

Crossy Road is the next, hottest game on the market today. After the hit game Flappy Bird created a huge buzz a while back, it is now the turn of Crossy Road and its mascots to enjoy the spotlight. This game offers simple gameplay and hours of fun nonetheless, but it can be very difficult to play at the same time. Those of you who are having trouble reaching new high scores will find these next few tips very useful.

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Crossy Road Tips

Scan Ahead

Don’t just focus on your character when playing Crossy Road. There are a lot of obstacles to avoid as you progress through the game, and the best way to avoid them is by scanning ahead regularly. Do a quick scan and you will be able to move your character faster.

Scanning ahead will also help you with one thing: sprinting. You can get a much higher score by sprinting across multiple lanes. The only way you can do this safely is by frequently getting familiar with how the obstacles move and by looking for openings you can exploit. Let’s not forget that sprinting will also help you save time.

Be Careful of Rivers

Rivers may seem harmless at first, but there are actually more hazards than just falling into it. The white break on both sides of the river can actually kill your character; if you touch them, it’s game over for you. It is always wise to stay away from the sides of the river when crossing them.

There is always a pattern you can use to get across. As long as you don’t stay still in one spot, you can usually take some time and figure out that pattern to your advantage. Hop across once you know it’s safe.

More Patterns

Patterns can be seen not only on rivers, but also on lanes throughout the game. It will take some getting used to, but you can actually familiarize yourself with these patterns to stay ahead of the game. After a few hours of playing Crossy Road, you will also find that spotting different patterns to be much easier to do.

There are ways to take advantage of these patterns and score higher:

  • Once you know the pace of cars and trucks, you can stay behind them to remain safe. This is a useful move for when you are trying to figure out your next ones.
  • Don’t wait. Sideswipe on slower lanes to cross them quicker. You don’t have to wait for the slower cars and trucks to pass.
  • Don’t hesitate to backtrack your steps if necessary. You don’t have to always go forward; you just need to move forward in a nice, fast pace and score more points.

There is no doubt that Crossy Road can be highly addictive. It is a fun game to play and offers a lot of challenges for all kinds of players. Download Crossy Road today and experience yourself how thrilling this award-winning game can be. The good news is, it’s completely free to play.



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