Are there too many apps on your smart phone? Trying to locate an app has become quite a task in the present times? You may want to consider shuffling up your smart phone just so that you can organize the apps present on your mobile. This kind of shuffling might not just keep your phone closet clean, but will also help you get the apps on time. Here are some picture perfect ways of organizing the mobile apps.

Verb Folders

verb folders

How about having folders for your apps? Yes, it is almost like arranging clothes in your closet in different compartments. Here you will need to give names to the different folders you would be creating. This is fun isn’t it? Now, most of you are not the tech types who would love to have a folder with names like planning, recreation etc. This is what techies would do to their folders. You are more like the regular. So, you could name your folders after the verbs or rather the actions you perform. If your app allows you view, click, or probably edit images, you could name it click. You could name your folders with games as play. You could name the folder with news as read. Excellent way to shuffle and organize the mobile apps!

Code Apps with Colors

code apps with colors

How do you know your Facebook app from the Twitter app, though both are blue in color? Simple, the difference lies in the shades. Despite both being blue, you can distinguish the shades, and thus know which app to pull up when you need one. Colors have an excellent effect on your brains. Unlike words, colors help you pull out a smartphone app faster. So, drop off the black and white world, and pull out shades of color to drape your apps. Probably recognizing your apps would work faster this way, won’t it?

Alphabets are Cool

alphabets are cool

Well, there’s nothing like sorting and arranging alphabetically. Bet you, you have sorted your whole library collection at home this way. Apps arranged in alphabetical manner are easy to find. Windows has allowed the alphabetical arrangement to exist by default. This is probably why Windows users find it easy to pull out an app and work their way out with the phone. Using the Windows phone and searching for an app has never been difficult. You could try out arranging your mobile apps alphabetically on the other phone models too. It might just work out for you!

Apps at Holding Spot

apps are holding spot

Sometimes arranging your apps perfectly depends a lot on how you manage to hold your phone. If you are one to hold the phone from the edge, you might want to try having apps along the perimeter of the phone. This might provide easy access, and you can get to open the app without really searching for them. You can keep the apps that are most used along the edges while arranging the rest along the interior part of the phone. Also which finger you use to swipe the phone also makes a whole lot of difference on how you intend to use the phone.

Theme within Rows

theme within rows

When you are arranging your mobile apps, you may want to consider a certain theme that may exist within the rows that are present in the mobile. Say the first row is themed for social media. You can arrange all the apps that belong to this category within this row. Similarly if your second row is themed for GPS, you might want to include all the apps related to GPS along this row. You need to keep your eye out for such themed rows. This is a pretty glittering way of arranging your apps. You can consider it a bit before actually going for it. It does make your phone look neat, and eventually your apps are arranged perfectly.

Usage Frequency

usage frequency

Here’s one of the most followed ways of arranging mobile apps. You may really want to consider this one, as it is easy and saves a lot of time. You don’t really use all the apps that you download on your phone every other day. Some apps are meant for specific purposes, and are not used daily. So, how about creating your front page with apps that are meant for daily use? You can always build pages for the other apps according to their frequency of usage. Some of the apps that you don’t really use can go in the app menu. Isn’t that the coolest way to arrange mobile apps?

So, if you really wish to arrange your mobile apps such that you find them when you want them, try out either of these cool ways.

About Author:
Juned Ahmed is consultant and blogger at IndianAppDevelopers, He likes to explore new and creative ideas for mobile application development and other application subjects.