Today’s social scape is saturated with the tens and hundreds of smartphones like Coolpad Note 5 and Coolpad Mega, as the days are moving ahead you can see enormous changes in technology and innovations.

This improvement in technology and innovation leads to the invention of new phones with hell lot of features and specifications. The world has been changed pretty quickly, and previously you can see the black and white phones and those phones are extended to the color phones and then to the camera phones and so on.

CoolPad Teaser
Coolpad Note 5 and Coolpad Mega Teaser

This advancement of phones has finally, led to the smartphones era where the processing of the phone is pretty quick, and it has been easier to take the photos as well. You can find out, even more, features in present day smartphones and in the upcoming phones you can expect even more.

These days the teasers of the upcoming phones are pretty impressive, and they are relatively creative, you can know that from the teaser itself, the smartphone companies are mainly using these teasers to attract users to buy their smartphones.

I don’t have to say specially that, “marketing the phone with a teaser launch is required step in this digital marketing era,” It’s a known fact for all.

So, the companies are mainly focusing on the teaser to show the features and advancements of their phone along with some creative thoughts and mentions.

Now, we know about why companies are focusing on teasers but do you know what people are expecting in future phones and teasers.

Let’s rock and roll into that topic,

What expectations are people expecting from future phones and teasers?

People are always curious to find out new and exciting innovations, as this is a smartphone era, people are expecting more from the upcoming models.

Mainly, people are expecting smartphones which are having a long lasting battery.  The main problem of smartphones is its battery period. People are expecting more battery life in future models of the smartphones.

Another expectation is the camera clarity, People always love to take pictures, and they always try to take photos frequently, so they are expecting the best quality camera with some excellent specifications in the upcoming versions.

There has been a huge chat around the globe about the wireless charging, and now people are expecting the wireless charging in the future models. You can also seearound you that some people are keen to have a glance at the inbuilt design of the phones, and they are eagerly expecting stylish looking model.

Generally, with all the above features people also expecting the more storage capacity for the upcoming models. As they are searching for the advancements, they are keen to increase the storage capacity phones.

Along with these expectations, people are also anxious about the processing of the smartphone they wanted more RAM than regular smartphones, and they are keen to have a fast processing smart phone so this is one of the expectations of people.

Most of the smartphones are having the Hybrid SIM slots, and this isn’t that attractive feature, people are expecting the dual SIM slot with a Micro SD card slot. So this is also expected by the Audience.

People are tired of charging, most of the phone are taking longer to charge the battery, although some phones have the fast charging support people are expecting even more from the upcoming model of the smartphones.

Coming to the teaser

When coming to the teaser, people are expecting a creative teaser of the smartphone which can fulfill their needs along with the satisfaction.

When seeing a teaser of the smartphone people always tends to see the look and its exciting features. After seeing the teaser many users will make their mind whether to buy the phone or not, this is fact, because I have seen and experienced that kind of people.

So, in upcoming launches, you can easily expect the creative teaser with the phone look and its highlight features.

Revolutionary Models of 2016

As people are more curious about the upcoming features of the smartphone, the upcoming features have been fulfilled mostly by the smartphone which was released in the September 2016.

It is none other than the Coolpad Note 5 and the Coolpad when you have a glance at the features of the Coopad note 5 and Coolpad mega you can have a clear view because these revolutionary models are having most of the expected features.

Let me take into the features of the revolutionary models

Features of Coolpad Note 5

Coolpad Note 5

These are the features of the Coolpad note 5, and these are the features which can full fill the upcoming needs, although you can get some advanced models in the future presently in 2016 these are best features which have fulfilled some of the expectation of the users with the affordable rate.


  • Display: 5.50 inches
  • Resolution: 1920*1080 pixels
  • Storage: 32GB
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Processor: 1.5GHz Octa Core
  • Rear Camera: 13 Mega Pixel
  • Front Camera: 8 Mega Pixel
  • OS: Android 6.0
  • Battery: 4010mAh

Let’s speak about the other model of the cool pad Mega:

Features of the Coolpad Mega

Coolpad Mega 3

Coolpad Mega is one the best mobile which has reached the expectation of the users, and it has some best features at an affordable cost. It is available for 6999rs, and it is giving some best features have a glance at them.


  • Display: 5.50 inches
  • Resolution: 720*1280 pixels
  • Storage: 16GB
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Processor: 1GHz Quad Core
  • Rear Camera: 8 Mega Pixel
  • Front Camera: 8 Mega Pixel
  • OS: Android 6.0
  • Battery: 2500mAh.

These are best features of the two revolutionary phones which are available in the market, and these models are coming at a low cost, and they are offering more features than others if you are expecting the best mobiles they these two models are a perfect match for you to buy in 2016. You can get more features in upcoming phones as well.


As the hype of smartphones are increasing day by day, you can see the lot more competition and a hell lot of new models day by day. The teasers of the upcoming smartphones show the impact of smartphones and the companies are investing a lot to attract their customers by their teasers. So you can expect more and more from the smartphones these days.

But in 2016, it has been a year where you can find the Coolpad note 5 and Coolpad mega as the best smartphones with features and specifications at low and affordable prices.