Many say that it is easy to sell to the existing customers than acquiring the new ones. And it’s true that a business cannot thrive on an existing customer all alone. It has to expand their business to their customers and effectively convert the first time buyers to repeat or permanent customers.

And as the first impression is the last impression whatever your business is the initial point of contact with the new customer or the potential is crucial and important. Shep Hyken customer service expert calls this as the monument of truth, setting the tone for whatever interaction has to follow as it could make or break your relationship with your customers.

Convert First Time Buyers As Permanent Customers

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So how would leave a good impact on your first-time buyers and then turn them into repeat customers? Below given are five different ways that would help you achieve it?

Creating an Awesome Customer Service Experience

You could never go wrong when providing a good customer service experience. There are different ways to deal with it depending on what industry you are in or what is the nature of your business. And when it comes to the contact centers do have a quick look at the profile of a person you are generally talking about and look out for opportunities that could make the call unique for the person. Most important you need to be aware of the products and services you are offering so do know what you are talking about as this makes it easy for first-time buyers as well as your existing customers to come and trust you.

Keep refining your product or services you are offering

One of the best thing about customer’s service is that it serves your research and development arm. Through the interaction that you have with your customers, you understand and know what exactly people are actually looking out for and what makes them tick and what are the concerns to them. The customer support trunk line is a huge resource of your data and is something that should not be taken for granted.

Being generous in your Offerings

Generosity could go a long way where freebies, promos, and discounts are easily welcomed and help you drive a number of sales. There are many opportunities and different ways of expressing generosity where some of them could go viral, and some of them are quiet acts of kindness that made some of the loyal customers out of the random people. Remember generosity could make a huge difference to your business no matter whatever your business is. Do take a note of all the concerns of your customers so that you could improve your products and services based on the issues faced by your customers. And in case you are feeling up for it gives your customers a callback and see if any of their concerns have been resolved or not. This would again make them feel that you do care for them.

Keeping your customers in the loop

While dealing with a BPO industry understand and know how you could keep in touch with your customers. It is important for you to know at least their phone numbers, and email addresses so that they could easily have a communication with them. Also, make sure that you do not send them sales pitches or product demos to them. Get personal and make the first time buyers feel that you do care for them.

Under Promises, over deliver

No matter whatever business we are dealing in, as a salesperson we often make promises with a world of great things that comes with our products and services in order to make some sales. Doing this would not just heighten the expectations and lead them to enough disappointments when they do not get what they had actually expected. You need to remember that meeting the expectations of their clients and customers is very important and when you consistently meet them you can ensure yourself that your customers would come back for more tomorrow.


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