In 2012, AOL and Nielson carried out a study stating that 27,000,000 pieces of content are published every day. Indeed, the mantra “content is king” still applies to the marketing world, but how do you know that you are developing a content that is good enough to engage the readers? Do you believe whatever you write and share will definitely pursued by your audience? Let us have a look at what it takes to successfully implement marketing techniques to grow your business in 2015.

Content Marketing Tips

Is Social Media Sharing Enough to Generate Traffic?

With the growing trend of social media, marketers are using it more and more as a tool to generate traffic. But, does it produce successful results? Measuring the number of likes and comments is not enough, but does your audience get anything valuable from the content or they just click and forget? As mentioned above, millions of articles are shared every day. Do you think out of so many articles, your content will stand out? In addition, how would people know that your content is simply extraordinary if they would not care to read when flooded by so many pieces of information? Social media is of course a good strategy, but not as effective as in 2015 when it comes to content marketing.

Solution: With this scenario, it appears that a more effective approach is required other than social media. This could include live events, webinars, case studies, and developing content tools. If we consider these, they are more competent in increasing the company value, discussion, backlinks, and brand awareness, than just a one-click share. These attempts can be really interactive and appealing in the marketing field that is overcrowded. They offer a better chance for businesses to approach customers from a helpful angle.

Does Content Need to be Evolved?

Content marketing focuses more on industry trends, followed by leadership profiles, company portfolios, or doing what their competitors are doing. The industry trends could include news regarding the launch of new products or services, their reviews, changes in their business policies, and such articles. If we carefully look at all these practices, there is nothing more than just bragging about the company. The content marketing efforts are simply going in vain.

Solution: Rather than marketing WHAT your company trend has to offer their customers, think marketing about HOW customers can use these trends to develop their business. Publish a content that suits their needs and satiate their queries. In place of company functionalities, ask WHY should they trust you? Also, adopting a strategy based on what your rivals are doing is like the blind following the blind. It does not mean that you should not see what your competitors are up to, but instead of taking up their ways, run your own tests and figure out yourself what would work the best for your business.

Do You Still Need an Attractive Website to Attract Customers?

You will hear many people saying that an attractive website attracts huge customers. Yes, it does, in the past. But, as we just mentioned, the internet now has been bombarded with billions of articles. Do you think people will wait for an attractive website to load and then find the piece of information? And, in case if they did not like, what do you think could be the potential chances of their returning? Just imagine how frustrating it would be when you are visiting five different websites looking for particular information and you get nothing in return other than wasting your time. For instance, think about what if Google takes a couple of minutes to show results? However, some businesses fall into the industry where they are required to show off in order to hit the sales.

Solution: When audiences are searching for any information, they do not stick to one website. If your website is taking too long to load, they will simply bounce off to another. Attractive website does lay a positive impact on your business, but it should not be such that it bogs down user’s device. Instead, attempt to make a lighter website. This will not just hold on your customers, but even next time the chances are they might prefer your website over other heavy-end websites. If your business is something about where showing off is crucial, then make a lighter version of the website too. As far as content is rich and informative, the design of the website will hardly matter. Content is indeed a king, as it is yet the best way to boost interaction and engagement. The way of approaching these strategies may vary based on the type of industry and could work more or less. It is not that every approach will give you 100% results, but they will surely add to the success of your business. Try them and let us know whether they are right or wrong, or how much did they turn out to be beneficial. Of course, generating traffic is not enough unless it is converted into leads.

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Ammar DohadwalaAmmar Dahodwala is a professional content writer, and a travel and technology lover. He has written many articles on various niches, with a dedication to explore and enlighten himself. This article is one such attempt.