Content Delivery Network Hosting: A Boon to Online Businesses

CDN, which is also termed as a Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network, is the best option for content delivery. It helps in forming a firm base that enables the efficient delivery of content in minimum time. Whether it is live video streaming, movie frame or image pixel, every online operation is competently supported by CDN. It is even responsible for the prompt responses from the below-mentioned activities on the internet:

  • Social media news feeds
  • Online financial transactions
  • Online shopping
  • YouTube videos
  • Streaming online videos
  • Online news article

Before moving ahead with the working pattern and advantages of CDN, it is important to understand Content Delivery Network hosting.

CDN hosting advantages

What is Content Delivery Network Hosting?

Online latency is one of the most annoying attributes that can easily dissatisfy the end-users. The time difference between the request sent to load a web page and the content delivery can make a huge difference. The direction of a business can run in a negative direction if the origin server fails to deliver the requested content immediately. In most of the cases, the delay is caused due to the difference in the geographical locations of the server and the user. This is also known as POP or Points of Presence. Each PoP is impregnated with various caching servers that help deliver content to the users in the proximity.

Content Delivery Network hosting is a network of proxy servers that are distributed globally among various data centers. It places the user’s request to different servers instantly but delivers through the nearest server. This drastically reduces the time of delivery, enhancing the end-user experience. The main motto of CDN hosting is to solve issues regarding latency, caused mainly due to huge physical distance. It improves the reliability, speed, security, and performance immensely.

Evolution of CDN Hosting

CDN was introduced during the ’90s and has undergone several changes to perform more efficiently with quick turn-around time. These changes have made this system one of the strongest platforms for application delivery. Content Delivery Network hosting was shaped as per the changing trend, vast connectivity, and content consumption. Fiber optics was introduced to cater to the increasing demands of the connectivity.

Why opt for CDN Hosting?

Conventionally, web hosting services were preferred by most of the people using the internet. Web hosting companies were jammed with corporate as well as basic websites that were static and downloadable. However, this concept was replaced by the conventional method of delivering data which has greatly improved the entertainment and education system. The internet is the warehouse of corporate, personal, and home multimedia contents. All these criteria can be fulfilled successfully through CDN hosting that traditional hosting services fail to offer.

Difference between Web Hosting & CDN Hosting

The following are the major differences between web hosting and CDN hosting services:

  • Web hosting is a service that allows a website on a server to be used over the internet. CDN is about accelerating the time of content delivery to the end-users.
  • Web hosting delivers the entire content to the user which takes more time. CDN extracts a major part of dynamic as well as static content and delivers it quickly across the globe. It reduces the download time and makes sure the nearest CDN server delivers the same to the end-user.
  • A single server is referred to as web hosting whereas CDN is about the worldwide network of edge servers. It offers content from the multiple-host ambiance.

Who can benefit from CDN Hosting?

Content Delivery Network comprises of PoPs, caching server, and HDD+ RAM. The conjugation of these components helps in offering the finest service to the end-users without any lag. Content Delivery Network hosting can be availed by anyone, even if a part of the business is established online. There are various organizations that can greatly benefit from this hosting service, due to its reliable and prompt delivery. They are:

  • Advertising
  • Mobile
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Higher education
  • Online gaming
  • E-commerce
  • Media & entertainment

Advantages of CDN Hosting

The prime benefits of CDN Hosting are as follows:

  • Accelerated speed– The edge servers of CDN are spread across the world that assists in promptly delivering content to the users. This depletes the server responding as well as website loading time remarkably.
  • Enhanced server uptime– CDN helps reduce the emphasis on the central server, which enhances the uptime. The distribution of load among various other servers resists the source server from crashing.
  • Optimized SEO– Websites get jammed due to heavy traffic. However, the websites that respond instantly gain a higher rank in the search engines. If the ranking gets hiked naturally, then the payments like pay-per-click can be avoided and traffic load increases automatically.
  • Enriched user experience– With the reduction of server crashes and loading time, the user enjoys spending time on the web page. This also contributes to increased traffic in a great way.
  • Economic process– With the distribution of load, CDN assists in saving the bandwidth. This not only enhances the efficiency but also reduces the cost immensely.


The traditional hosting system has been replaced by CDN hosting services due to its proficiency in handling huge traffic. Countless people tend to visit sites, stream videos, and download large files, which can be handled effectively with an efficient system. KeyCDN, a CDN network server, has the capability to serve the elevating demands of the people without any concern.

Content Distribution Network delivers various content to users with reliability, speed, and security in a cost-effective manner. The servers are distributed across the entire world, making it easier for users to connect to the nearest server. This has proven to be extremely beneficial for small as well as large-scale businesses. A smart way of saving the bandwidth enhances business opportunities by boosting the rank. The data is also kept safe when there are any internet attacks, abrupt traffic upsurges, network malfunction, etc. CDN hosting can be considered as a boon to the businesses that have a strong footprint on the World Wide Web.

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