The Common Content Marketing Mistakes That Keep Your Users Away

Content marketing mistakes– Imagine how would you feel if you downloaded a document that you thought is relevant to you but it turned out to be a document with some irrelevant content? Wouldn’t it be awful? Well, that would be the same reactions of your users if they didn’t get a worth content of what they were looking for.

Marketing today is extremely important as it helps the businesses to reach their targeted audience to make them aware of what they are offering and to connect with them. Thus, you need to do it with extreme careful efforts so as to get the desired results. But even if you have been fully prepared or have checked every point on your checklist, there are still chances that you may be making some of the very common errors in your content marketing.

Are you among those whose efforts to attract the customers with the content are getting wasted? Are you still not getting the desired revenues from your content marketing strategies? Possibly you are making certain mistakes that are keeping your valuable customers away from you.

Common Content Marketing Mistakes

In this article, we have presented you with some of the possible and very common mistakes that are associated with content marketing. Have a look:

1. Not Starting A Blog

If you have content and not own a blog then you are losing the world. You should start a blog from now. It really works. It offers a permanent destination to your audience. So what you are waiting for.

2. No Target Audience

Target audience is must to market your content

The basic mistake that one can make is not being sure about who their target audience is. Users are the core of any business and without them, you cannot sustain in the market for long. Not having a set frame of the targeted audience is like hitting an arrow in the dark. You don’t know what content to serve but you are serving. Without an audience, you will not have any idea about the type of content that you should generate.

With a defined target audience you are exposed to a number of benefits like:

  1. Knowing your audience and the type of content to create
  2. Be sure that you are developing the right content for the right type of people
  3. Understand how to create an engaging content
  4. Increased interactions with the users

Now, these are some great benefits that come from knowing your audiences.

Failing to maintain traffic

3. Serving Irrelevant Content

It goes without any doubt that “content is the king”. Even if you have a defined set of audience you may fail to keep them engaged, if your content is not relevant to what they want. The readers will also get bored with your content if you present it in the same boring and monotonous way. Nobody likes being served the same dish every day. Right? The same goes for the content. Don’t make your content a repeat but make it like a new flavor every time. Use different ways to present it or make it a bit interesting by adding your personal touch so that the readers can connect instantly. The readers must feel satisfied with your content and can find a solution to their problem. This will also increase the bounce rate of your blog.

4. Ignoring SEO

New bloggers work hard to build an audience. Are you among them, never ignore SEO? Learn the basics of SEO to get smooth success. You must know how to create content that ranks in different search engines. It does not mean you need to learn SEO instead of content marketing. Your only need to create and optimize content that can bring lots of traffic from Google.

5. Hoping More Traffic with More Content

Most of us believe that more content will bring us more traffic and it is easier to stay on Google’s list but it is something that most probably is going wrong for you. Readers don’t want anything less than quality content. Never compromise on quality for the sake of quantity. Rather than posting useless content on a daily basis, post one relevant content on an alternate day or maybe in a week. This will not only sustain your users but will also give you a positive response from them which in turn will land up for many new readers for you.

6. Focusing Only on Money

Is your content marketing for money making

Well, yes, we all are investing so much of our time and efforts for generating profits but surely it shouldn’t be the only thing that you focus on. If you focus on delivering the right content to your users you will automatically end up having a number of customers for you which will help you to generate more and more money. Thus, don’t put your entire focus on the money factor but always keep your users on top priority.

7. No Keyword Research

Many bloggers don’t know about keyword research. Those who know don’t practice it. Keyword research should do for everything you do – Blog posts, YouTube videos, etc.

Most people explain add the keyword to rank in search engines. But actually, it helps to understand your audience’s psychology. What they search and how they search? If you will server what users are looking for then success is not so far.

You can use Google Ads Keyword Planner for keyword research.


8. Ignoring Content Proofreading

Our customers will get the first impression of our products by reading about our content. Hence, if it is not correct or has a number of mistakes then the users will doubt the performance of the products which will end up losing the valuable customer. To avoid any such situation, it is always better to proofread your content before making it available for the readers.

9. No Updates

Most of us do not focus on updating content and finally make it dead. Continuous updates help users to stay engaged with the content. If you think there nothing to update my content. Then you are lazy. Keep monitoring other content marketers how they update their content. It will help you to make a new strategy.

10. Giving Up

Content marketing a horse in the long run. It should keep as an asset. Most people don’t know what they can achieve. Success may crawl slowing but believe it’s always approaching you.


Content marketing is the only marketing left that has the potential to drag in a lot of users for you in a simple way without any difficulties. All you need to do is to avoid the silly content marketing mistakes that you were making to have many satisfied and happy readers. Let us know which mistake were you doing till now and what were the positive impacts you noticed after correcting it.

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    Ankit Bhardwaj

    Hi, Vinay!
    Always there a lot to learn from your blogs, you are right we must start a blog and should not focus on money in starting. Instead, keyword research can give an edge to get visible your content on search engines.
    Thanks for sharing
    (Ankit from Teknologya)

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