12 Collaborative Learning Tools for Students and Teachers

The new education scenario should also focus on the different and useful attributes of collaborative learning because this is a different kind of learning that can offer incredible benefits. Therefore, collaborative learning should be detailed because of its effect on modern scenarios. It is an advanced form of education where people or students interact and discuss different things to explore or examine hidden attributes regarding dissertation writing to help a particular topic or subject matter. Therefore, students should utilize collaborative learning notions to provide innovative and exciting ways to enhance their education to a certain extent.

Collaborative Learning Tools for Students and Teachers

Students should be given significant consideration regarding online collaboration tools. Different teachers are applying the concepts of collaborative learning to enhance the learning extent of their students in the desired way. Thus, 11 amazing collaborative learning tools are discussed, providing awareness about this learning approach to various students. These mind-blowing tools are as follows:

Online Collaboration Tools for Students

Due to the rapid technological increase, the educational sector also takes advantage of technology daily.

Education is like an island where people wander to get help. Thanks to technology, we can learn different techniques to motivate and engage students in the learning process. This is how technology has changed education.

Always remember that the theme of any topic and thing is always the same, but technology, method, and approach are different. Below are some online collaboration tools for students that help to improve classroom learning.

1. Storybird

The significance of the Storybird tool can be perceived so that the art of storytelling can be made attractive and appealing to many younger students. Apart from this use, teachers can also develop proper comprehension of the literature. Therefore, students and teachers must use this productive resource as much as possible.

2. Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the Classroom app should be assumed to be more interactive and productive than other apps. Using this app, video conferencing could become more influential and result-oriented. Students could improve their coordination with other students, and at the same time, they can discuss and solve their various academic issues in the required manner.

3. ProofHub

ProofHub is a fantastic app that empowers teachers and students to learn collaboratively. It lets teachers assign work using the easy-to-use task management features. They can add comments, attach files, and use labels while assigning tasks to understand the students better. You can share presentations, assignments, and other study material. You can create notes to keep everything in a single place. There is a dedicated space to carry out real-time discussions and brainstorm together. You can also share important announcements in ProofHub and keep everyone updated. What makes things even better is that it is available to schools for free.

4. AnkiApp

As far as the importance of this efficient app is concerned, AnkiApp is an app that uses flashcard technology to help or support different students or people in their process of revision and recall. This app uses different methods so that repetition becomes appealing and effective for all students or people. The reason is that students, during their time of academic learning, must remember various theories and applications of topics and subject matters. In this concern, they can take advantage of multiple benefits from this AnkiApp to a considerable level. Get it for Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac.

5. Glogster

Glogster is a collaborative platform where students design posters or web pages by adding multimedia elements like text, audio, video, pictures, graphs, and more. Users can use Glogster designs for report covers, homework, projects, etc. You can use Glogster to design presentations and notes, prepare new topics, and more. It helps to motivate classroom activities. This way, students will be more interested in visual elements. Give your lesson through online multimedia posters. It is a new way of teaching that helps save papers.

6. Flashcard Machine

Teachers use flashcards to test vocabulary, solve math equations, learn a new language, etc. Observe your students’ knowledge in class and motivate them to use flashcards in the homework. Give different score scales of another flashcard. You can save paper and easily share content online with a flashcard.

7. Lessoncast

Lessoncast is a new technology. It is like a website where teachers share PowerPoint, any documents, pictures, or webcam, and you can share an idea or any video of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Any other person or teacher analyzes and examines the documents or any things you shared. After being examined, it is shared online. Teachers searching for new and creative classroom ideas can follow these. This website is still working. This website can also be a mentoring tool for teachers and students.

8. Kidblog

Initiate a classroom blog to improve students’ writing skills. Kidblog is a blogging platform where teachers and students share their content and ideas and control publishing it. This way, the student knows the importance of blogging, writing, and learning new things daily.

9. Edmodo

Edmodo is a social networking site where you can easily talk to your students on a safe platform. On this website, teachers can share any notification; students can submit their assignments, announce anything important, conduct polls, and create marks sheets for students. Students have acknowledged the assignment submission date and date of any test and designed various discussions for various students. Students share their innovative ideas and much more. Register now for yourself and your students in an Edmodo.

10. DK Instant Expert

How do you teach students in a unique environment and give motivational lessons with a polished PowerPoint presentation? You can add some illustrations to engage and motivate the students. DK Instant Expert helps to merge learning and lessons uniquely.

11. SchoolTube

We are all familiar with YouTube and TeacherTube. There is an invention of SchoolTube. The leading education system authorizes it. This platform creates user-friendly environments where students post videos on classroom rules, educational innovations, algebra class presentations, or important announcements. It is an excellent tool for students to understand their mental capabilities and skills. It is an easy way for students to post, view, and share their videos online. Also, students do not get scared about inappropriate content.

Learn about educational blog sites that help teachers and students.

12. Freerice

Freerice is a vocabulary game that gives rice through the World Food Program for each correct answer. It covers sums for multiplication tables, learning the Spanish language, and recognizing the world’s different flags. So, it’s a clear way to test your student’s knowledge, skills, and ability.

Final Thoughts

Collaborative learning in this contemporary era needs to be assumed correctly. Many benefits can be attained using collaborative learning in the desired way. Online collaboration tools will help students interact and acquire knowledge while working with the other students in the group.

Users can perceive the importance of collaborative learning through this aspect. This education has been applied in every field or area of life. Therefore, organizations can attain desired outcomes in the right direction because the impacts or consequences of collaborative learning contribute to the success of various organizations.

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