Choosing the Right Cloud Solution for Your Business – An Infographic


Cloud technology is changing the way we are storing and accessing data over the internet. To highlight the benefits of Cloud, TSG has created a detailed infographic to help businesses find the right cloud solution for their success.

Right Cloud Solution for Your Business

The infographic starts off with two studies done by Forbes and Aberdeen Group which talk about growing cloud adoption by businesses. However, it’s extremely vital to choose the right cloud solution to harness the full potential of this technology. You have three solutions to choose from; private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. As the name suggests, private cloud is your own created solution, which you can manage with full authority. On a public cloud, applications, services, and storage are publicly available. A good example is Gdrive, Skydrive etc. The hybrid cloud is a mix of the two.

The infographic describes a number of benefits of moving to the cloud which includes low maintenance, flexibility, less cost, time-saving, secure, innovative and scalable. Apart from these, cloud solutions would generate you more profit and would work on the lower total cost of ownership. Go through the full infographic below to get more details.

Infographic benefits of cloud computing


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