Website builders are technical tools which enable any body to create a website of their own without implementing manual coding. Website builder made it easier for a layman to build a website of his own, as it offers a host of website building programs which thereby makes the usage of computer coding and editing least importance. There are many website builders available online. A thorough research in the internet yielded 6 reliable, well-designed and error proof free site builders. The top 6 website builders are IM Creator, BaseKit, Doomby, Edicy, Jimdo & Moonfruit.

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1. IM Creator Website Builder

IM creator is one of the most recommended website builders across the world. It was founded by Jonathan Saragossi in 2011. This world wide acclaimed company is headquartered at New York City, USA and it has office in Tel Aviv Egypt. IM creator was created with the sole aim that any person, even a novice in computer language would be able to develop his or her website. It is ranked as number one among the other existing website builders because it initiated the tool to develop website i.e. Choose a design, insert content and publish to the world. It is considered to be the popular free online HTML website builder which is vested with a drag n’ drop platform – WYSIWYG. IM creator is considered as the most preferred website builder because of the certain following features:

  • It is a user friendly website builder. The process of website building is simple and very easy as it contains the usage of fast HTML creation by using the tool of Drag & Drop editor. It just needs a design to start website building
  • It is chosen by young professional for website building because IM Creator has got an excellent collection of design templates to select from.
  • It can be effectively implement by anybody desiring to construct a professional website. Its maintenance is easy and it can be readily updated.
  • It fits into the size of the pocket of the person building the website. Its affordability and an array of budget plans make it the favourite website builder.

2. Base Kit Website Builder

Base kit website builder closely follows IM Creator and is ranked second among the top six web builders. Base Kit website has a very loyal set of followers. It is popular because it is considered as the world’s most flexible website builder. It enables a starter to design his own professional website without the guidance of an expert from his system just by following certain easy steps. Base Kit offers other exciting privileges to its user that is of free access to select Hostgator web hosting ideas till June 2013. Basekit was developed as a software service. It was being hosted in its own server in lieu of a monthly fee for the published websites. Its success is marked with its on going policy of continuous development. Base Kit Web builder is continually provided with additional features that plan for its initiation into the software without any hindrance. BaseKit was created by BaseKit Platform. Its office is situated in the United Kingdom, at Bristol and London, England. The success of the company has led it to establish local offices in Spain and São Paulo.

3. Doomby Website Builder

Doomby is a popular website builder which was introduced in 2009. It is an instant hit among the first time website creators and software programming novices. It has unique features of web building tools and interfaces which incorporate drag and drop facilities. It is also enabled with WYSIWYG editors along with HTML code and CSS editing to make the users get familiar with creating websites and customizing as per their ideas. It enables to build successful websites to both novices and experienced users.

4. Edicy Website Builder

Edicy website builder is a popular tool of building website online. Edicy is preferred mostly by small time business men and investors because it is compatible with all the major kind of browsers like Internet Exporer, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Edicy is enabled with the features of rich text and provided with the facilities of photo editing, picture galleries. It has a multi language site structure. Edicy is enabled with light weight user interface which has the drag and drop editing experience (WYSIWYG) and thereby makes it one of the fastest tools of website building.

5. Jimdo Website Builder

Jimdo website builder is one of the popular website builders of the world. It offers to its users JimdoFree, a free web hosting service. The other premium services offered by this website builder are JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness. Jimdo started a scheme of giving 10% discount to users who left the GeoCities and Google Page Creator and joined them.

6. Moonfruit Website Builder

Moonfruit website builder is another US based web hosting company which is counted among the top 6 web site builders. It has a website construction tool which is known as Site Maker. The Site Maker is used to create new website and it made the creation easy by offering the user complete control over the design to maintain the website. To remain in the top 6 web builder’s slot, Moonfruit comes with an option for a free service sponsored by advertising. The standard product offered by the website builder comes in free and lite variants ensuring to cater personal as well as professional needs. Website builder incorporate every thing from a simple text, to photos, images and important links. They also facilitates to play movies, songs, animations .

The top 6 website builder besides the other facilities host virtual stores to sell different products and services. Website building has made promulgation of business ideas easy and maintenance of professional sites accessible.