Mumbai is the place to head for if you are thinking of pursuing post-graduation education. Mumbai is undoubtedly, the most progressive city in India. It embraces the spirit of ever changing pace brought about by modernization and liberalization. Mumbai has traditionally been the hub of management and other professional studies and courses. This cosmopolitan metropolis boasts of a number of reputed private institutes that offer top grade education across all fields especially management education. If you are really interested to take up management studies as a career, you must keep certain important parameters in mind, while choosing a good institute offering management studies.

Opt for an Affiliated and Accredited Institute

Whether you are planning to study full time or part time MBA, you must choose an institute that has a certification from the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). AICTE approved management colleges guarantee that they follow teaching methods and curriculum that are up-to-date and are at par with current industry and educational requirements and standard. You could opt for institutes that are affiliated to the University of Maharashtra. This would make sure that your graduation certificate would be given by a reputed and certified Government University.

Always Find Out the Ranking

It is a wise idea to check a particular college’s ranking. This is one of the most reliable ways of choosing a brilliant institute. There are several B-schools all over India and each one of them has a ranking that is a proof of their efficiency and quality. You could browse through the Internet to identify the top ten colleges in Mumbai and to learn more about PGDM. You could gather a lot of information from the various websites regarding an institute, its placement history, faculty, infrastructure and even the fee structure.

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Faculty and Curriculum Should Be Given Top Priority

Go through the brochure of an institute and examine the details about the staff. The faculty should ideally be a mix of knowledgeable professors and experienced industry professionals, who are updated with the current industry trends. The curriculum is equally important and should include classroom activities, team building exercises, interaction with industry professionals, associations with well-known corporate houses, international and national educational excursions, competitions and counseling on a one to one basis. You could talk to ex-students to get a sound knowledge about the college and its performance.

Check Out the Infrastructure

A reputed institute should be offering cutting-edge educational facilities both for full time and part time MBA courses. Make sure that the institute you are joining has advanced computer labs, updated projectors, well-stocked and updated library, comfortable hostel among other facilities. Study material is of utmost importance. Upgrading the library content on a regular basis and getting the latest editions of books is necessary.

Placement History Is Important

You must find out all information about the placement offered by the institute. You must try to find out about the number of firms visiting the institute for campus interview over the last few years. It would be great if you see the same firms visiting for the past five years and hiring the same number or more students each year. Reputed institutes actually do not require inviting companies for campus recruitment. Usually, the companies would be interested on their own to employ students coming out from such fantastic institutes.

Examine the Fees

You must keep in mind that most of the MBA courses are bound to be pretty expensive. You must find out the fees of the institute you have shortlisted and examine the financial impact of the given fee structure. You must consider living expenses, travel costs, and affordability before opting for an institute. Those who have already accomplished themselves in established careers and just wish to gain the MBA degree or diploma for promotion or up gradation, they could opt for less expensive institutes. You could browse through recent tips on studying part time MBA.

Before enrolling in any management college you must make sure that it would not be a tedious exercise for you to commute to and from the college every day. If you are already working, you must choose a college that perfectly suits your lifestyle and that you do not need to give up your job to pursue higher studies.

Author Bio: Sujain Thomas is a career counselor and the head of a professional firm which seeks to provide assistance to all bright aspiring candidates of all ages to find the career and education lines which are suited to their aptitude and preferences.