When you have lots of old gadgets around and you are no more interested in these as you have managed the latest technology but still these are in workable condition and most of them are expensive too, what to do with these old ones now? Yeah, you can sell these older but working inventions using online selling/purchasing web portals like Amazon, eBay, Gazelle and so on.

Tips to Cash-in Old Gadgets

Cash in old gadgets

The profitable amount can be made more effectively from the following tips;

  • Avoid the gadgets from roughens
  • Take good care of its accessories
  • Keep the packing box in a safe place
  • Polish the gadgets before selling
  • Save the guidelines

Now, some of the gadgets can be used as repeaters so let’s figure out how these can be proved as money makers.


The routers are the networking appliances which connect multiple WiFi devices to the internet simultaneously. It is an advantageous device as it frees you from a continuous tangling of LAN cables injected into your Laptops/PCs Ethernet ports. But someday, you might think that the router you have is not appropriate for your business anymore and you must have to replace it with the latest technology accommodating router, then what to do with the previous machine? Just go and create a profile at Amazon or eBay and give a complete description of the device you want to sell. It will take some processing and after some days you will get rid of your outdated WiFi router at some comprehensive money back.

“Whether through stock or custom firmware, you can likely turn it into a repeater that can carry your WiFi’s signal to the dark corners of your homes “. LifeHacker.

Yes, there is another way to cash in your obsolete WiFi signaling accelerators which means you are able to use it as an extender. The extender can expand your WiFi range greatly. Just configure it and use it as a repeater.


With the each passing day we deliberately interact with the music and for this purpose, we go and afford headphones. The headphones potentially take good care by letting us not to disturb anyone else as these are not like the open speakers.

So, if we are music enthusiasts and hobby’s to purchase noise-cancelling, sweat-proof and containing latest technologies headphones but at the same time, you can’t afford to fill up your table’s drawer with the outdated ones. For making money, you can auction them using Gazelle or Amazon account of yours.

If you have expensive old earphones, then by selling them you can order the cheap earbuds as well which are also best in quality.


You can turn your old screens into different profitable show pieces like fish tanks and digital photo frames, so on. Although this is a little bit tricky and time-consuming to build up such things by using your old monitors but if you will click the links given above, you will instantly come to know how you can change the outdated TVs into digital photo frames and fish tanks.

And if you seem it irrelevant, simply sell your monitoring screens under some bearable prices. As this could be the ultimate goal of anyone’s to make some cash out of your old hardware.


We hope that our guidelines will definitely prove to be a tunnel of what you can do with your previous not being used old gadgets. If such is, inform us from your million dollars opinions in the below comment sections.