School education has been considered to be an integral part of basic education all over the world. School is aptly termed as the second home as it plays the role of a positive catalyst in true enlightenment. In most developing countries where not everyone is lucky or privileged enough to reach the graduation or university stage, secondary and higher secondary school education plays a stellar role. Even in case of the upper middle class or the affluent. School education can be sub divided into pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher secondary education. Pre-primary and primary are elementary stages of educational development where it is more about getting acquainted with environment and correlating those with classroom mode of student-centric education. Secondary and higher secondary education are termed as the pivotal ones. As far as higher secondary education is concerned, students are more specialized. The whole planning of building a career kick starts during the span of five years in secondary education. Gone are those days when students or individuals don’t plan a career, rather go along with the existing trends or parental advises. Present day job scenario has transformed itself to a complicated yet interesting scenario, where ability and specialization has got their own importance.

Career Planning starts at secondary school

Career Planning starts at secondary school

The transition from primary to secondary is not only with regard to education, but also it has to do with age. Especially when students reach teenage or the turbulent adolescent phase, there is indeed a striking change in personal individualized approach. In other words, the question of individuality makes its mark with prominence. From general liking or disliking students begin developing their customized aptitudes which do shape up in course of time. Another important aspect in this time of an individual’s life is the general inclinations. Normally people confuse choosing science, humanities or commercial application of study for future endeavors. In reality the situation is not that simple or straightforward. The competitive job market has become dicey altogether. Not only have the public department jobs shrunk to a considerable extent, but also the private domain has become twisted. It is not that unemployment has become a call of the day, but the present job market demands specific abilities from job seekers. For any individual or job seeker, the planning should begin from secondary school level only. In the following we will discuss why it is essential to plan career from secondary school on wards.

Building network!

Networking or building communication among peers is one of the urgent needs of the present generation. A strong network not only updates individuals with the changing needs of the day but also makes it much easier for peer learning. For experienced guidance too, networking helps a lot in the strong run. And there is no point in delaying in making solid foundation of network and secondary school is the right time to make a step forward.

Bringing in smartness and much needed career oriented approach

Smartness quotient is another area which cannot be underestimated in this era. Smartness is an integral part of personality. Nowadays, personality is one area which is given much importance in public and private domains. Career oriented approach deals with soft skills. For e.g. speaking in fluent simple English is considered to be a great boon and such qualities can only be nurtured only if an individual is guided or trained from secondary school level.

The learning curve

From secondary school level, whatever students learn in daily life, be it academic or life skills, becomes an asset. From job perspective, it is important for individuals to keep on learning so that theoretical as well as practical experience can strengthen general knowledge as well qualitative aspect of the concerned individual.

Feasible planning and alternatives

Nowadays the concept of forming a foundation or platform has become common. From secondary school level only, students start gauging their strengths, weaknesses, inclinations and their personal likes and dislikes. On the basis of such, career counselors can guide on how to improve their performance leading to all round development. More stress is certainly going to be on learning and improving oneself on the growth curve.

Exploring careers

Once a student is a pass out from school or college, it is rather too late to start planning. Thus the ideal situation is to explore different careers with the help of career test and make comparative analysis on those from peers, teachers, parents and specialists. Those personal revelations can be of immense treasure in near future.

There is no denying the fact that often what we aim in mid school, we turn up to be something different, getting into different profession in a completely different set up altogether. Often summer internships come in handy use to the students. Those talent workshops and specialized courses form strong foundation as well. All the steps are to be carried out taking into consideration those individuals and students won’t be in big dilemma or hesitation in near future when they will enter college or university.