I find it quite funny and sad at the same time when my grandfather narrates me the story of how he landed a job. He is a retired public servant having served in the RTC for about 30 years. In his time, people doing job search were less and people offering job were more. Very few of them looking for career growth by switching their jobs. Some of the organisations literally dragged candidates into their offices and offered them jobs even if that candidate was not interested.

This is the part that I find funny. The sad part is the reality of job market in the 21st century. How times change doesn’t it? Even though there are far more eligible candidates now than, say, 30 years ago the opportunities are not what they used to be. The unemployment rate in our country is increasing every year as the demand for skilled labour increases more and more.

Career growth with job search app

Companies keep saying that there is no dearth of opportunities but there is dearth of skilled professionals. There are many candidates who are eligible and seeking career growth but not skilled enough to meet the requirements of the company. Most of the surveys also proved this to be true, enhancing on the fact that companies are always on the lookout for skilled professionals but they hardly find any.

But, are the scarce few skilled candidates that are out there able to find the right job that fits their profile and helps them in their career growth? Many candidates believe that they got their dream job and stop looking for further opportunities. When in reality, there are far more better opportunities awaiting them that help them in achieving their career goals.

Career Growth with Happy Minds Job Search App

As important as it is to create new jobs, it is equally important to place a skilled professional in the right job. The modern day job apps do exactly this. These candidates that we talked about who feel secure in their jobs even when there are better opportunities awaiting them are called passive candidates. Happy Minds is a Job Search Mobile App that looks out especially for these passive candidates and help them in realising their full potential and their true worth.

Happy Minds have also started a new trend in the recruitment space by following the current youth trends. Selfie Video Resume is an innovative approach by Happy Minds that not only keeps up with the current trends but also helps both candidates and recruiters in easing out the recruitment process.

Career growth - Think about your career

A selfie video resume is essentially a video shot by the candidate himself talking about his qualifications, experiences and skills in the selfie format. The video can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 seconds long and offers the following advantages to both the job seeker and the recruiter.

  • Selfie Video Resume helps the job seekers to explain everything about him/her in 60 seconds allowing a strategic advantage over the competition.
  • Recruiters can avoid the hassle of going through thousands of resumes just to select a few deserving job seekers.
  • It helps the recruiters to evaluate the body language and communication skills of the job seeker which can’t be done through traditional paper resume.
  • Job seekers can take this opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the recruiter which helps them in landing a job in just 60 seconds!

Job search mobile apps can only see success from this point on. The number of internet users on mobile have already surpassed the number of internet users on PC and one of the most searched term in internet is job search. Job Apps will help job seekers in landing their dream jobs and innovations like Selfie Video Resume will help to boost up their career.