Buying the gadgets is unlike any other purchase. For the simple reason that it isn’t immediately possible to find out if a product’s worth the price. If I were to buy shoes, shirts or bags, I would know exactly what I’m paying for. And I’ll also be sure that I’ll get close to what I pay for in terms of quality and design. If I look at a discount in a lifestyle website like Jabong, I know exactly what is a great discount and what isn’t. That isn’t the case with a smartphone.

What is a great price for a smartphone? Or a tablet? The answers will of course differ from person to person based on a variety of factors. But in a world where it is too hard to set an amount that may be considered too much for a gadget, it does get difficult to see if you’re getting your money’s worth. Sure, there are a lot of offers floating around from retailers offering the apparent ‘best prices’. But, gadgets of almost the same specifications can sell at prices that can range from ridiculously low to astronomically high.

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It also becomes much more harder to buy smart with tech manufacturers’ multi-million dollar marketing genius. Not to mention the fanboys and brand loyalists that will do everything in their little power to make sure you buy their personal favourite brand. How then, do you make sure you hit the sweet spot between quality and price.

There are of course a few things to consider when you’re buying gadgets. Although these things do make sense for any products you buy, they’re particularly more relevant to gadgets because that is where a lot of people spend a lot of money on a regular basis. Gadgets aren’t as durable as other products you could buy for similar prices, which makes it important to watch what you buy.

Gadgets – Are you paying too much?

The Brand Factor

Brand is often the biggest factor while purchasing a phone, tab and other gadgets. However, if you consider the other factors below, you’ll find that a big brand doesn’t automatically translate to a better gadget. This is especially true when the price differences are huge. Escape the crowd and try picking the second or third most popular brand. Chances are you may find it better than the overly popular one.


The best build quality and design do not necessarily come exclusively from the top brands. Take sometime out to consider the build material especially for phones and even more so, if you’re a rough user. There are several YouTube videos that will tell you exactly what the phone is made of. Drop test videos as well, may be painful to watch but can help you find out if you’re really just buying a really expensive vase.


Quality user friendly software is always worth the extra buck and is definitely not something to consider compromising. Powerful software often makes a device 10x times better than close competitors. This is also true with the developer community. If developers aren’t backing a software or an operating system, then the device won’t have much to offer. This is usually where windows phone lags behind.

Re-sale Value

Most gadgets are only used for a year before upgrading to a newer product. And for this reason, it makes sense to considering the estimated resale or buyback value of the gadget a year from now. If the current price of the product minus the estimated resale value of year from now is something you consider worth paying for using the gadget for a year, then go ahead and hit that checkout button.