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Gaining excellence in education has been made much easier by the advanced technological supports.  As against the traditional way of the teacher-oriented conventional education system, the technologically supported learning system is wide-ranged.

It is more knowledge-oriented than limited to a particular person. Getting an ‘A’ grade in conventional education referred to the theoretical and limited understanding of the student.

On the other hand, the role of Educational Technology is widely about offering multidimensional practical knowledge to the students. As conventional education stays limited to selected books, the blackboard, and the boring lecture of one teacher, the Educational Technology quenches the thirst to acquire more knowledge in the student.

Education technology business ideas

Hence, the use of technology in the educational system is the demand of modern time. Based on video lectures, three-dimensional elaborations, PPT presentations, international communications, recorded professional sessions & seminars, live lectures from specialists, etc. the educational technology is gaining tremendous popularity.

The reason is simple and plain. People are getting the scope to learn from professionals and experts of the specialized subject.

1. Educational Business Ideas via YouTube Learning channels

This is the key that various people are getting engaged in considering the professional of Technologically-supported Educationist. As a result, a new domain of business opportunity is growing in the global arena.

Some of the basic examples can be noted through the use of various Educational Apps, such as Coursera, EdX, etc. There are various YouTube channels that support free education, like Khan Academy, TED-ED, etc.

These Apps and channels show that how a person with adequate knowledge about a particular profession can educate students on a worldwide basis. As the faculty decides to enroll students through various tools of educational technology, a full-fledged income source can be well generated.

Personal scope of being an Educator and an Entrepreneur gets well justified by Educational Technology.

2. E-writing & E-training

Some of the most popular business ideas that are supported by educational technology are- Blogging and Publishing, Online Freelancing for Data Entry, Content Writing, Writing eBooks & Podcasting, etc. These are the domain where you can explore all kinds of subjects and even can offer specialized knowledge to the students by offering your writings on various educational topics.

You also get the chance to publish your own blogs and initiate your own content writing pages. Being thematic in this domain will create your recognition as a writer, and people from different nations will look forward to gaining knowledge from you. Publications made on the internet are the best possible ways to earn money and gain a scholarly reputation in the shortest time-span.

However, the most convenient and popular way is the selection of being an Online Tutor. The trend of online tutoring is the best way to open a business for educating students for various competitive exams.

Teaching language is a great option in this domain. There is the scope to be a vocational educationist if you plan to offer professional training to the students about various vocational professions, as in dance and acting, baby day-care, and even in developing businesses in animal husbandry, poultry, and fisheries.

3. Educational App Development 

The demands of Educational App Development in the global market are gaining tremendous importance in the last couple of years. This is a domain that justifies the true meaning of using educational technology for learning and studying purposes. It is through this means that the educational entrepreneurs, educational institutions, and various reputed universities, to create room for online distance education facilities.

The educational app development is the solution to the increasing demands for personalized educational scopes for a student from all over the world. It is making the teaching and learning process the most convenient and flexible way towards the acquisition of knowledge.

Education technology concept

In the current worldwide scenario, Innofied Solution, Dom & Tom, Nomtek are some of the reputed companies that are involved in offering innovative ways of adding the educational app development process in the learning system. It is the new way of adding fast, communicative, interactive platforms among the teachers and students on a global basis.

As you own an educational app, you get the facility to share the same study materials, PowerPoint presentations, video lectures, recorded classroom sessions to the students available in every corner of the world.

4. Trending Educational Technologies

The trending educational technologies, in the current world, are mostly recognized by the facilities of Cloud-Based Learning, augmented and virtual reality, apps for training brain, etc. These are the technological tools that are adopted by various educational sites in order to offer broader learning and practicing zones to the students.

These are the educational technology tools that are meant to support communicative provisions among the students and with the teachers. The ambiance of a classroom gets created in a very obvious manner.

Cloud-Based Learning tools like Docebo SaaS LMS, Litmos LMS, WizIQ LMS, etc. are supportive enough, creating accessibility even in remote areas and thereby sharing all the course and study materials in the most convenient way.

The Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) is an educational technology that gets recognized by tools like Cleanopolis, Public Speaking VR, Quiver, etc. The purpose of these tools is to offer bright visibility, along with connectivity among many people under 3D.

The use of Brain Training Apps, such as Lumosity, CogniFit Brain Fitness, Memorado, Eidetic, etc. are basically about offering brain-based training and exercises to the students. These are the apps that assure that the students feel the demand for performing in the best possible way and increases the level of competition on a global platform.

5. YouTube & Facebook Live

The popular YouTube Channels for education are like LittleBabyBum, TED-Ed, etc. That is followed and subscribed in a huge amount, in a worldwide manner. These kinds of YouTube Channels are replacing the boring conventional ways of learning and teaching.

YouTube and Facebook live streaming

In conventional classrooms, children are taught by a teacher, but in educational technology, the same learning gets accompanied by music, dance, and videos that make learning a very amazing experience. Moreover, exposure to people from all over that world makes programs like TED-ED very effective, even for adults.

The use of Facebook Live for delivering live lectures to followers is one of the most popular trends that Facebook is offering to learners from all over the world. As you choose to offer your lecture on FB Live, people can start asking you questions, and you can have direct face to face interactions with them. You can answer their questions and queries and can gain feedback on an instantaneous basis.

Both YouTube videos and FB Live are great instruments for offering education-based materials and classes to worldwide learners. However, FB Live is all about getting the specialist online and have an instant chat. It appears the more exciting way of acquiring knowledge.

Eventually, it can be marked that there are innumerable ways of acquiring knowledge as we make a shift from the conventional learning process towards educational technologies. Educational Technologies are not only flexible but also are the best ways of exploring different kinds of educational fields from any part of the world.


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