DVDFab has been dedicating on its work on multiple products for more than 11 years, and DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is one of them.

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy can copy and burn Blu-ray movies, not only 2D Blu-ray but also 3D Blu-ray. The source can be Blu-ray disks, Blu-ray movie folders and Blu-ray ISO files. You can save the output to blank medias, like Blu-ray disks (BD50/BD25), DVD disks (BD9/BD5, aka DVD9/DVD5), or save it to your hard drive, as folder or ISO file.

It contains 5 copy modes (Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Merge and Clone/Burn), you are free to make your Blu-ray collections customized and personalized according to your specific needs. This Blu-ray copying software also takes advantage of the latest technology, including Multi-core CPUs, nVIDIA CUDA technology, and homebrew Lightning-Recoding, which makes the copying process extremely fast. One important point is that it keeps a frequent update to meet the need of its users and customers.

I believe you might also have some Blu-ray movies saved on your hard drive and you would like to burn them to blank media some time and then playback on your Blu-ray players. Okay, let’s see how to proceed using this Blu-ray copying software.

First, start up DVDFab and switch to the Copy mode and then click on the mode switcher for the Clone/Burn mode.

dvdfab mode switch

Use the “+Add” button to browse for the Blu-ray folder/ISO or simply drag and drop Blu-ray folder/ISO to DVDFab interface.

dvdfab insert disc

After the source is added to DVDFab successfully, choose the Blu-ray burner/drive as “Save To” target, click on the Start button. It will pop up a dialog box asking you for a blank media; insert one to start the burning process.

dvdfab detecting writable media

Then, wait.

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy – Clone/Burn mode only supports 1:1 output, so if the source you have is larger than a BD25, you would need a BD50 disk for the burning process; correspondingly, while the size of Blu-ray source is less than one BD25, you can burn to a BD25 disk.

However, you might want to compress a large movie to a small one to save your hard-earned money, as we all know that the BD50 blank media is more expensive than BD25 disk and/or DVD disk. No worry, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is also capable of shrinking a BD50 Blu-ray folder or ISO to smaller size. Full Disc mode can only support to compress to BD25 while the Main Movie mode has more options, which are BD25, BD9 (DVD9) and BD5 (DVD5). Of course both Full Disc and Main Movie support no compression, using the BD50 output.

Full Disc will copy the entire movie content while Main Movie mode only copy the main title, which means that other special features such as trailers, filmmaker commentary can’t be selected if you have already chosen the main movie title. In Main Movie mode, DVDFab shall auto-detect and choose the correct main movie title when there are many titles look almost the same (say, having the same runtime), which is one of DVDFab’s strong points. Taking Main Movie mode as example, we will see what options we have.

If you want to see what a title contains or to check whether it is the title you need, you can use the green preview button. Put the mouse over the title, the green button will auto display.

dvdfab output

You can change the Volume Label as well, just put the cursor in the movie name box and change it as per your need. The Compression ratio differs when the sizes of the sources are different.

In the Advanced Settings window, you have some options for handling the audio of the Blu-ray source.

dvdfab blu-ray settings

The “How to copy Blu-ray 3D” section will be available only when the source you input is a 3D format Blu-ray.

At the right top corner, there is a “Task Queue” button, click on it; it will display the titles you’ve added to DVDFab Blu-ray Copy. And yes, this copying software supports batch copy/compression. If you don’t need to process all the titles added, click on “X” to remove the corresponding one.

dvdfab task queue

The output quality is lossless; no matter you 1:1 output or choose to shrink to BD25. DVDFab Blu-ray Copy supports to run on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and it has Mac OS version as well. Just grad it and have a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Author Bio: Lydia Wang is a professional software reviewer, keen to share the great hot software. More info about DVDFab Blu-ray copy, visit http://www.dvdfab.cn/blu-ray-copy.htm