Bring Your Restaurant into the Modern Age with This New Technology


Most people probably associate restaurants with food simply, but it’s a business like any other and it’s a challenging one. Serving wonderful dishes in an enjoyable atmosphere will always be at the center of the customer experience, but behind the scenes, new tech is changing how modern restaurants operate.

Read more about some of the ways employee scheduling software is finally updating how restaurants run their operations.

Modern age restaurant technology

Perfect Schedules, Faster

As the name suggests, the primary function of employee scheduling software is to quickly create schedules that meet the needs of every employee — 7shifts offers online employee scheduling software that reduces the amount of time schedule creation takes by up to 80%. This frees up your employees to spend their time where they’re most productive: with customers or preparing food.

Not only will this make it way easier for your staff to complete the annoying and time-consuming routine of creating a schedule each week, the time it saves your employee results in a direct reduction in labor costs of up to 3%, historically one of the biggest drains on a restaurant’s budget.

Total Knowledge

We live in a data dominated a world where knowledge is power. Anybody overseeing a business has to know everything there is to know about it, and employee scheduling software makes it easy for managers and executives to get the full picture.

Manager log books track statistics such as total sales, labor costs, labor as a percentage, and even weather, which has important implications for seasonal restaurants. Managers can decide which custom statistics matter to their restaurant, and the software can track these too.

All these stats can be compared against past data easily, and because it’s cloud-based managers get updates in real-time. This also means the logs are constantly accessible from anywhere and are impossible to lose.

Finally, each employee is prompted to rate and describe in their own words how they think their shift went. The combination of hard data and first-person feedback from your frontline staff gives managers a total understanding of the entire restaurant’s operation.

Stay Connected on the Go

Employee scheduling software makes it extremely easy to stay connected on the go. Employees can submit their availability and request days off remotely, and the manager can give approvals remotely too.

This doesn’t only make a bothersome task less annoying, it empowers your staff by giving them more control over their personal lives. Your manager will also know the restaurant is fully staffed way further in advance.

There are chat functions, and staff can share photos, GIFs, and more. Because it’s flexible and designed to streamline communication, it’s easy to send messages to the entire team or only to the specific staff members who need to be in the know.

Today’s restaurant scene is great for foodies: new restaurants are opening all the time, serving food from around the world as well as new, innovative fusions combining culinary traditions. For restaurant owners, this heightened competition means that success depends on more than just serving wonderful food. Get today’s modern tools like employee scheduling software, to give your restaurant the help it needs.


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