Brigge is the new app on the block that claims to bring the ‘Social’ back in to social networking. Pretty vague, unless you grasp what the app is really all about.

To start with, it is a free mobile app available on Google PlayStore. So what’s new?

Well, the fact that it enables people to find interesting leisure activities in their area, connect with people with shared interest, and plan for outdoor leisure activities.

Brigge App

To better illustrate, if you are a diehard soccer fan and harbour the secret desire to go out and play, but held back by lack of company – you need people to play with! – Brigge is just the right app for you.

What can you do with Brigge?

You can create an activity (or Space) under the ‘Sports’ category and ask people to join you. The app allows other users to browse through activities in their area and comment on your activity feed. This way you can find other users who are really interested in playing soccer. And Goal Accomplished!

The concept behind the app is simple, but its implications are very powerful. Just imagine how many people can plan and execute their favourite outdoor activity rather than sulk and watch TV due to lack of company!

The app is already making waves and getting really popular.

So, the idea behind the app is really good, now let’s see how well it works.

The first most relevant thing is that the app is free of cost and as of now, it doesn’t have any hidden costs. It is however, available only for Android users.

At 8.7M, it is lighter to install and has a great UI. It is easy to browse through listed activities. Creating Space (new activities) is also simple and quite fast. There are 18 categories to view / list leisure activities. We would wish these to be enhanced in future.

On the security front, the developers claim to have instilled security features that are compared only to the best in the app industry.

The app does not have a location finder, which may seem an irritant to some, but from a privacy point of view, it is quite necessary.

Overall, the Brigge appears to be an awesome app, which has all the potential to revolutionize the social networking scene. Of course, it needs to find more and more users who are willing to ‘step out and do their thing.’

Download the app hereBrigge – REAL Social Network