AdSense is one of the most popular advertisement programs for bloggers, where they can display text, image and video advertisements on website pages and earn money when visitors click on their ads. Are you using it too? And are you finding ways to increase your revenue? Then, you are at the right place. We will let you know how you can do so.
If you think that high amount of traffic coming in will bring you more money, then you are wrong. This is because high traffic is not the only one element responsible. Other factors include the placement of your ad, the type and size of the ad, the CPC and more. Let us have a look at it in detail.

AdSense Revenue

#1 Size

Wider ads have seen to be performing better than tall and thin ads i.e. horizontal ads are better than vertical ads. Such ads help the readers to read better through a more consistent reading pattern and thus, are reader-friendly. Wider ads bring in a higher click rate. If you have placed vertical ads on website pages and are not receiving the results you want, this could be a reason. Try changing single ads on websites and see if they perform better. If you see positive results, go further and change all your ads one by one. The best sizes for your ads to perform well are – large rectangle (336×280), medium rectangle (300×250), skyscraper (160×600) and leaderboard (728×90).

#2 Placement

You must place your ads where they are most likely to be seen. Ask yourself where your ads will be able to grab the most attention. It is always better to place your ad near something the users are likely to click. Do the users on the particular page your ad is on, click on social buttons or share buttons or elsewhere? Make an analysis and place your ads near these areas. If you can’t analyze these areas, place your content around the content of the page and above the fold. Users don’t generally scroll till right at the bottom of the page. They might just surf the above half and navigate away if the content doesn’t interest them. So, you might lose out on these visitors if you place your ad at the bottom. Even if you have a very simple ad but, if it is placed in a better position, you will drive more traffic than flashy ads placed elsewhere.

#3 Relative content

Even if you place the ad at the best position and in the perfect size, it won’t bring you better results if you don’t have attractive content. You must know what interests the users that are browsing the page you want your ad posted on. For example, if you deal with kitchen equipment, you can place your ad on websites that deal with cooking; if you deal with auto parts, you can place your ad on websites dealing with cars. An auto parts ad placed on a page that talks about cooking won’t be beneficial. This is why Google’s robots check your content to see what your ad is about and then place it where it suits the website’s theme so that your ad is relevant to the readers on the page.

#4 Blending

The ads on a site must blend well with the theme in terms of design and colour. If it is overly attractive and sticks out from the rest of the page, it is not a good thing. But, it should also stand out from the rest if you want users to notice and click it. You can mix and match similar as well as complementary colours in a balanced way. For example, you may use the text colour and font style in your ad that matches that of the content on the page and let the background of your ad and other elements contrast.

#5 Category blocking

There is a list of different categories for an ad placement. Check if any categories are not performing well for you and block them. This category blocking feature is very easy to use and can help increase your earning. It is recommended that you block the categories that have a good percentage of impression but, low earnings percentage.

These are just some basic guidelines for improving your AdSense revenue. For further assistance regarding AdSense or any kind of Digital Marketing service, you must talk to the experts in this field. Find a specialist to help maximize your potential and take your earnings to the next level. Jain Technosoft is a leading web solutions & digital marketing agency in India, specializing in launch and growth strategies. They offer a whole array of solutions aimed at the digital arena including AdSense Consulting, Social Media Marketing services, PPC, SEO and Web Development solutions. Please visit for more details.