How to Boost Your WooCommerce Shop?


Summer is here and while the beaches are packed, your website could use a traffic boost. Here are strategies that can help you increase sales during the hotter months of the year.

Summer means fun for a lot of people, but the internet seems to be a quiet place at the moment. That forces online entrepreneurs and makers to think out of the box if they want to avoid decreasing online sales.

Now is the right time to step up your social media game and to optimize your website. In the summertime, you should be able to do some research on the newest online trends and think about how you can integrate them into your store. Also, when was the last time you improved your business strategy? While there are fewer orders on your website, you can use the summer to set yourself ahead of your competitors.

Boost WooCommerce business

1. Use Social Media

Social Media has its peak season during summer: People are sharing pictures and videos from their vacation and writing reviews on pages of restaurants and hotels. This is the perfect time to drive people to your page by social media. Furthermore, statistics show that people’s buying choices are influenced by social media. This means you have to make sure to launch a powerful advertising campaign on social media or let your followers take part in a competition such as posting the best summer selfie of the year.

2. Improve Your Website

If you were looking for the right time to do some maintenance on your website, wait no more! Since summer might be a quiet time when it comes to visitors, you can implement some new features, such as a bot for improving customer communication or a software that helps you with the WoocCmmerce inventory management. No web store is perfect, but with a few changes, you can make sure that fewer shopping carts get abandoned. Which leads to the next point…

3. Optimize your Web Store for Mobile Users

In summer, it might seem as if nobody is spending time on the internet anymore. In fact, that is not true, as people are still browsing the web, sharing pictures on social media and reading the news. But since they are spending more time out in the sun than on their computers, mobile usage increases. Therefore, it is important that your web store is optimized for mobile usage, not just to get more traffic to your web store but to also make the visitors stay there and turn them into buyers. And since mobile usage is on the rise in general, this is not only an investment for the summer months.

4. Create Special Offers

Every customer loves good summer sales. Therefore, you can create special offers, lower your prices on some products or create bundles and packages. Learn more about your customers and have a look at the products that are often bought together. Sell these products as a bundle so that your customers will not only buy one product but two at a time. You can learn a lot by analyzing the data you get from your website and use it to create a personalized shopping experience for them.

5. Improve Your SEO ranking

It is always important for online merchants to work on improving the ranking of their website for search engines. Therefore, do proper keyword research and adjust the content on the pages accordingly. It can also help to invest in an app that helps you with figuring out which sites need improvement and what can be done to rank better. One of the most effective ways to rank higher are outbound links on a website, so make sure that you add more of them. Soon, you should be able to notice a change in traffic that is coming from search engines!

6. Plan Ahead

It’s almost the middle of summer and a bit late to launch a big summer advertisement campaign. But the next season lays right ahead of you and therefore, you should stop thinking about what went wrong in the past, but think of how you can perform better in fall and later this year. And good planning is already half of the job! The hotter months give you time to research properly and get some feedback on your new ideas. Find out who your target group is and which social media networks they use. Focus on the group of customers that are most likely to present the greatest opportunity for success.

Furthermore, you should think about all the details of communication and the sales structure of the campaign. In general, these things should be ready three months before you launch your campaign.

7. Launch a Newsletter

Newsletters are a powerful marketing tool to keep in touch with your customers. Compared to social media, email still has three times as many users as social media platforms. However, a lot of entrepreneurs are hesitant to launch a newsletter. Some think they won’t find time to write to their customers regularly, others are concerned that their writing isn’t good enough or that nobody will read what they are sending out.

Clearly, that isn’t the right mindset and it might not even be true. Believe in yourself and start seeing it as an opportunity to add value for your existing and future clients.

Firstly, you will have to do some brainstorming: Which content ideas do you have for a newsletter? Which topics would your clients find helpful? How can you share your expertise with them? If nothing comes to your mind, think about frequently asked questions that you get from customers and write about the answer to it.

As soon as you’ve written down enough topics that will cover the next months, you will have to think of your behavior: What does it take to open an email that arrives in your inbox? Correct, a good subject line is key. So, you need to come up with a good one for each idea.

When you are ready to launch your newsletter, you should compare email marketing tools to find out which one could work for you. To win subscribers you can host a giveaway on social media and get names and email addresses in return. Or you can add buttons on the blog posts that people can press if they want to sign up for more information, do a facebook-live where you introduce your newsletter to your audience and add some valuable content to your website that is only visible when entering the email address. In general, there are lots of opportunities on how to get subscribers for your newsletter.

8. Expand Your Market

Thanks to globalization, the world is becoming more integrated. Every year more people are getting better access to the internet and use it to buy goods. That means that eCommerce is still growing and it is predicted to become the biggest retail channel in 2021. Experts believe that there will be a shift in online shopping and more goods will be bought by clients from non-western countries. Now you might think: How does that affect me as an online merchant, when I am already shipping worldwide?!

Well done, if you do that already. But your next challenge is to make the buying process seamlessly for your international customers. Think about payment methods. How do you feel about adding cryptocurrencies as a payment to your website? In that way, you can offer your products to the same price around the world and your clients won’t have to deal with bank fees for international transfers. While everybody is talking about cryptocurrency as an investment, it could soon be normal to use it as a payment to purchase goods on the internet. Therefore, you can use the summer to implement that kind of payment to your website and find out if your customers would like to use it.

9. Sell on Pinterest

While having a website is important, social media is becoming more important as an outlet market. Especially in the summer, when people are spending so much time on social networks, you could try selling your products via Pinterest. By using Woocommerce, you already have access to the WPSSO (WordPress Social Sharing Optimization) that allows you to set up Rich Pins for your product pins. As a next step, edit your photos to the Pinterest format (600 pixels). In general, pins with tall photos get more shares and the photo should not contain a face or a disturbing background. You should then find the right strategy to encourage pinning, for example by integrating sharing buttons to your Woocommerce site.

10. Have Faith in Your Business

Summer is not over yet and we know that these months can be hard for small businesses. But try your best to make the most out of this season instead of looking for reasons why your customers are finding the sun more attractive than your products! With a little bit of courage, a lot of research and some patience, your sales will soon grow again.


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