How Can Blogging Communities Help You Grow?

Blogging can be a lonesome task, especially at the beginning when you’re just starting out. This is all the more reason why you should join and embrace blogging communities.

Even if you’re an established blogger, joining a blogging community can give a tremendous boost to your blog. Below are few ways how a blogging community can help you grow as a person and also your blog.

Blogging Communities

Increase in Traffic

Traffic is the lifeline of any blog and blogging communities are a great way to attract some targeted traffic your way. Most blogging communities have a voting mechanism where other can vote for submitted articles. If you’re writing great informative content then there is a high chance that they will come to the top and bring you even more traffic.

Additionally, because you’re getting targeted traffic there is a much higher chance of the visitor engaging with your content. They are more likely to leave a comment, share the article on social channels or join your mailing list. This opens the way for more traffic and continuous traffic.

Backlink Opportunities

These communities allow you to interact with other bloggers and make connections with them. And having the right connections is extremely important if you want to go far in blogging.

Once you’ve made connections with the blogger they are more likely to link to your content. Of course, you also need to return the favor by linking back to useful posts published by them.

The important thing is to make the right connections. There are some bloggers who join these communities just for backlink opportunities. Once they establish a connection they will link to your blog posts and ask you to return the favor by linking to not so quality blog posts of their own. This can be a dilemma and a tricky situation to handle. So be a tad careful about connecting with people who are publishing bland content.

Learning Opportunities

To me personally, this is the biggest benefit you’ll get when you join a blogging community. This is especially true if you’re just starting out.

Most of the members are experienced bloggers who have seen it all. So you can easily get advice on building a community, how to increase blog traffic, search engine optimization, monetizing a blog and whole lot of other things you need to consider when managing a blog.

People are more than willing to give advice as long as you’re willing to listen. So probably this is the best way a blog community can help you grow.

Listed above are 3 ways a blogging community can help you grow yourself and your blog. So if you haven’t joined one yet, now is a good time to give it a try.

However, it is important to keep in mind that you won’t see overnight success by joining a blogging community. You need to take the time to participate in the community by leaving comments, voting for articles, participating in the forum etc. Remember it’s a community and selfish people don’t do well in communities.


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