How to Add Blogger Contact Form on Blogspot?

Google Blogger is a user-friendly blogging platform for everyone. We all want to add a Contact Us page for Blogger/Blogspot. On May 15th, 2013, Blogspot launched an official Blogger contact form. Most of us don’t know it is available in the Blogger gadget section.

The Blogger contact form has a very neat and clean GUI and behavior and is very responsive, i.e., it loads quickly without pampering you like other third-party contact forms. It can be a good choice for those who want a simple contact form for Blogger blogs.

Blogger contact form for Blogspot

Features of Blogger Contact Form

1. The Blogger contact form has three fields – Name, Email, and Message with a Send button. Email and Message fields are mandatory.

2. You can add a Blogger contact form in a few clicks.

3. Just add in your sidebar or other location on your blog. No need for customization.

4. If someone contacts you through the Blogger contact form, the blog admin will receive an email at his/her email address. If a blog is managed by more than one admin, then all admins will receive the same email.

5. It loads very quickly without damaging your page speed score.

6. Unlimited contact form entries for a lifetime for free.

7. Instant notification on the email.

Add A Blogger Contact Form

1. Go to Blogger dashboard > Select a blog > Navigate to Layout

2. Click on the Add a Gadget (in your sidebar section)

Contact form for blogger

3. From the popup page select the contact form gadget

Add a contact form for blogger

4. Make sure to tick the show contact form checkbox. Your contact form will be visible in the Blogger sidebar. If you want to hide it, untick the option.

5. Configure the contact form for Blogger and save changes.

Configure contact form for blogger

A Sample Contact Form Email

As I told you earlier, an admin will receive an email when someone uses the contact form to contact the blog admin.

Sample Contact Form EmailI hope you’ll install a contact form for Blogger on your blog and find it more useful.

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