Are you looking for a new way to download torrents? Do you feel like you need more privacy while torrenting? This might be it. is cloud torrent client running in a web browser that makes downloading torrents safe and quick. – A Cloud Torrent Client

It’s Safe? What does it mean?

Privacy of its users is obviously very important goal for creators. If you choose to pick up a premium plan starting at 5 USD a month, you will get access to encrypted downloading, which makes torrenting as secured and private as it can be. Bitport also automatically performs an anti virus check of all the files you are downloading. Cloud Torrent Client

It’s fast but it doesn’t end there?

When it comes to speed of downloading, Bitport can sometimes take your breath away. It just goes and some torrents can be downloaded almost immediately. When all is finished, you can access all of your files in the cloud. From there, you can download or stream them to any of your devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Is it easy to use?

It sure is. Bitport has a lot to offer and it is all wrapped in easy to use package. To download, you just need to copy a magnet link address or drag a torrent file to the web browser interface. You download will start right after that. When everything is done, you can just choose if you want to download the file or stream it. dashboard

How much does it cost?

It doesn’t cost anything if you want to. Depending on the plan you choose, it can be free or cost you from 5 to 15 USD a month. More expensive plans give you more download slots and more storage space on your cloud disk. Free plan is nice if you want to try our different functions of Bitport but to use it seriously, it is best to pay at least for the small plan. Depending on your needs of course.
If you are not sure, Bitport offers a 30 day money back guarantee so do not be scared to pay.

Final thoughts

Using Bitport has many advantages over your ordinary torrent client starting with safety and ending with sheer convenience. If you are having problems torrenting, go and give a shot. It could prove very useful to you. To try Bitport, go here.