The Objective of the article is to make users aware about recently launched product known as MBOX to PDF Converter that aims to convert the MBOX files into PDF in a minute without any data loss.

Birdie Software, a popular solution provider comes up with the latest launch of its new software of file conversion i.e. MBOX to PDF Converter. MBOX to PDF Converter is easy to use software which is suitable in every condition.

Aug 3rd, New York City, New York – Birdie Software, a well-known provider for recovering data solution recently and surprisingly launched extraordinary email converter MBOX to PDF Converter that easily convert MBOX files into PDF. Users can convert any file of MBOX into PDF whether it would be Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Pocomail, The Bat, Eudora and many more.

MBOX to PDF Converter provide priceless offer to user. Tool is fast, easy to use, free of cost software that solves the problem of user in a minute. MBOX to PDF Converter is also for those users who are not from IT background. Now, Users have a great approach to convert MBOX files into PDF within a second. The application abrogate the complexity and time consuming issue of user and provide instant and secure file conversion criteria to users.

mbox to pdf converter

MBOX to PDF Converter eliminates the difficulty of user and introduced excellent solution to users. MBOX to PDF support Batch Conversion process that converts multiple files in a short span of time. Software provide you two options to save MBOX file attachments, first, to save attachment of email files with pdf, second to save attachment of email files in a separate folder. MBOX to PDF Converter eliminates the complexity of user. Software provide nine different file naming options, user can select the option according to its requirement. The application also maintains the rich text formatting throughout the conversion process like font, color, background, header etc.

MBOX to PDF Converter is compatible on all versions of Windows operating System including Windows 10. MBOX to PDF Converter supports all versions of Adobe Reader including 11.0, but to view pdf files in system, Adobe Reader must be installed in your system. Give a try to MBOX to PDF Converter for understanding the whole process of conversion –

About Birdie Software

Birdie Software is a renowned solution provider that solves the problem of email conversion, recovery of data, content related issues etc. Birdie software offers the option of file format like to print, to save, to import and many more, this makes Birdie Software perfect. Birdie Software provide the solution for password recovery and managing email data. Birdie Software provide many products for converting different types of email file formats.


Allows user to Save, Print & Save MBOX File to PDF format without any error and supports single conversion as well as batch conversion process that transfers single folder as well as multiple folders into PDF without any loss of data. It allows the user to save attachment with PDF or in a separate folder depending upon user requirement. User can convert the files of any size, there is no limitation. It is compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 10.