How is Big Data Cloud Computing Our Tomorrow?


The cloud has made a huge difference to how the internet works. There was a time when cloud storage, at least at the magnitude we are seeing, was unimaginable. It was thought that hard disk drives and massive data storage centers would be the way forward. However, things have changed and we are in an entirely different place now. So let us take a look at the impact that the cloud will have on big data. So coming up is big data cloud computing.

Big Data Cloud Computing

Many believe that positions such as data scientist may soon become a reality. Cloud computing and big data are converging in a way that will leave them intertwined forever, and that will change the way the world communicates.

Big data cloud computing future

Big data and the cloud working together i.e. big data cloud computing can achieve great things. We have already seen how big data has helped in the discovery of new drugs, helped find cures for diseases, predicted weather patterns, and other innovative discoveries. IBM’s revolutionary “Smarter Planet” initiative is a big part of this, and cloud computing combining with big data is a huge part of that program.

Big Data Storage Possibilities

The reason cloud computing is such a great match for big data is the storage possibilities. With cloud computing, it is possible to have unlimited storage, with all of it being on the internet. The resources and money required to complete big projects are a lot less than in the past. Many people were skeptical about the cloud, even as close as a couple of years ago, but now mostly in the IT industry understand its importance.

Cloud computing used to operate on a “pay as you use” model. However, that is no longer the case. Cloud computing offers virtually unlimited storage at very low prices. This is something that businesses, IT companies, and individuals cannot turn down.

Big Data Analysis

Many might be wondering about the specifics of big data. When the IT sector refers to big data, they are referring to a collection of data that is so immense that it is difficult to collect. In these cases, analyzing and visualizing this data is also very tough. Software that is normally used in data analysis situations does not do the trick, which is where cloud computing comes into the picture.

Big data is often unstructured, which makes it even harder to analyze and group. 80% of the world’s data can be categorized as “big data”. This is why the cloud is so crucial. Instead of having all that data go to waste, applying the cloud’s services can offer specialists the hope of analyzing.

Big Data Analyzing Tools

Studies have shown that many businesses only use about 20% of the data at their disposal. A survey was performed last year, and it showed that 56% of business leaders cannot handle the data their company collects. 60% of them feel as if they need better data analyzing tools.

All of this becomes a possibility with the help of the cloud. There is no need to leave so much data untouched. Big data can be structured, grouped and analyzed. Not only will this help companies, but it will move the world’s technologies forward.

Social media, cell phones, laptops, data centers and other tools are being used to collect data on a daily basis. What is the point of that if the data cannot be analyzed? It is time for big data and the cloud to successfully merge as big data cloud computing.


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