Best Video Editor Software to combine videos – In this modern world, everything has gone digital; and if not, it will soon be. This statement is rather true because if you visit every household, you will be surprised to learn that they have sophisticated digital machines, ranging from kitchen electronic devices to entertainment machines. In this regard, in the field of entertainment, most people have acquired video players, big digital music systems, computers, television sets, and so on. Therefore, they expect that these devices would offer them the best form of entertainment as possible.

For instance, they expect to watch good and quality videos from their displays devices such as the computer. Nevertheless, it is the duty of whoever is endowed with the duty to produce video files to make sure that the videos they produce are up to the required standards and that they are compatible with many players available in the market.

7 Best Video Editor Software

However, producing the best videos is not a simple task. In fact, if you do not have the necessary software and other vital tools, the process to edit video will be in futile. Activities such as video trimming, splitting, and joining would be done very fast and without any loss of vital information if you use the right video editing software.

However, before deciding on which software shall you use to accomplish your editing programs, it is very important to consider some of the basic characteristics of a good video editor. The following factors are featured when selecting the best software to use:

1. Easy to use; choose a software with features that are easy to use, has precise selections, has keyboard shortcuts, and has trimming out choices.
2. Features; choice software that has many features, for instance, software that has tools that specialize in one job is not recommended. Choose a software that allows one to do more than one activity within a single program, such as splitting video files, trimming, joining, and so on.
3. Input formats; the more formats a video editor software has, the better it is. Some freeware software allows only one or two formats, but others are available that accepts many more.

Combine videos without problem

Select the Best software to combine videos

With the above tips in mind, you are more likely to select the best software that can effectively do you good at all times. In this regard, video software programmers are having sleepless nights trying to come up with the best editors that work wonders. However, video producers find it quite challenging to select the best editor for their works. Nevertheless, you should never worry as this article has done it easier for you. It has gone deeper comparing different types of software from different companies, their costs, features, and so on; and has come up with the following list of software to combine videos:

1. Aimersoft Video Editor

This is perhaps the best video editor software ever developed. It has a vast number of amazing features that make video editing quite simple and it includes the following:
I. Splits a long video file into multiple clips
II. It has the capacity to rotate videos to correct and desired orientation
III. It can speed up or slow down a video clip
IV. It can be used to compress videos into smaller file size
V. It can be used to remove or extract audio files from video files
VI. It can be used to crop videos to remove unwanted black borders
VII. Many more other features

2. Avidemux Video editor

This is yet amazing software that video producers like most. It has been designed specifically to cut and join video files. And stands out has the best software that can support many formats such as MP4, OGM, FLV, MPG, and MKV. It is relatively simple to install and use. The program has a toolbar on top brim with all the important buttons- save video, open, load/run project, calculator, and so on.

3. AsfBinWin Video Editor

This is the best that can be used to trim and/or join WMV/ASF video files. Its graphical user interface has preview capabilities, making it the winner in this category. Apart from cutting and joining WMV video files, it can also be used re-index and fix WMV files that have been corrupted or contain some errors. Its controls are both user-friendly and sensitive.

4. Freemake Video Converter

Quality software can be used to edit and convert multimedia video files from one format to another. This activity is achieved with the use of codecs that is much suitable for pc, mobile devices, and so on.

5. AoA Video Joiner

This is a useful software that can be used to edit and join multiple video clips of MPEG, AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4, WMV, and 3gp together into a single large movie. It also does re-encode functions.

6. VirtualDub

It is the best software that can be used to remove the segments of a video clip and after that, you can save the rest without re-compression.

7. Machete Video Editor Lite

It is perhaps the best software that does work faster by combining the functionalities of both video splitter and video joiner software. It does these functions without the need to re-encode audio or video streams. However, it supports WMV and AVI files running in the current Lite Versions.


The list of the best video editor software is just endless, as many designers have come up diverse and sophisticated software. However, the above stands out as the best currently available in the market. Therefore, as a video producer, you can ultimately make the right choice by going for any of the above editors. Thanks.