Best Smartphone Spying Apps for WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger


Presently we contemplate a lot about how much secure, we are online. We are concerned about our privacy, personal data going into the wrong hands, and we fear about our accounts getting hacked. But what we do not care much about: up to what extent are our smartphones secure. The reality is, your smartphone is actually spying on you with the applications you are downloading daily (not compulsory using the spying apps)– without your awareness and without your permission. If you have a smartphone and download prevalent apps, the chances are good that your smartphone recognizes more about your daily travels and daily activities than your spouse does.

Smartphone spying apps

Smartphone Spying Apps

The smartphone spying apps or software are installed and configured and when any activity occurs on the monitored smartphone it is logged by the software – we regard these as the data logs. Exactly which actions are logged lies on the software package you opt.

The data logs are then transferred to the spy software company web servers – through a web connection and for this, an internet connection is required. The data logs and all of the reports are maintained and presented in your individual personal online dashboard.

Whenever you sign up for any of the spying apps you will get a username and password providing you access to this online dashboard. Then you can log on to the dashboard and analyze the reports.

Tracking WhatsApp

Smartphone spy software allows you to track WhatsApp activities going on in it. You can track every WhatsApp text messages; view dates and time stamps of chats – name and number of the particular sender. You can also see and all the multimedia messages, images, and videos that are shared in WhatsApp effortlessly.

Whatsapp tracking

1. Mspy

MSpy is the most powerful app to spy on WhatsApp. It is designed for monitoring kids, staffs or loved ones. MSpy is one of the most innovative software used to read WhatsApp messages and also tracking phone calls.


2. FlexiSPY

Whenever you download the FlexiSPY software you will be able to view any information on the target’s smartphone irrespective of how private it may be. You will even be able to access their smartphone information from your computer. This should be plenty enough for you to finally be able to log on to your dashboard and receive all the information you are searching for on your victim’s phone.


3. ISpyoo

ISpyoo tracker is best WhatsApp conversation tracking app and receiving someone’s activities tracked as soon as they occur. Through this spy software, cell phone tracking is no longer a tough task and this mobile application has created it very easy to spy on the topmost activity information.


Facebook Messenger Tracking

Software for tracking Facebook messenger is especially significant for parents who want to get informed what their teens are talking about to others on Facebook or for those who want to keep eye on someone’s activity on Facebook messenger. You can even monitor images that are being sent over facebook messenger for tracking Facebook messenger and to whom they are sent.


Also, you can read text messages shared between your target users and other Facebook users along with date and time included. You can look this information by logging into the dashboard using the username and password offered to you.

1. MobileSpy

This spy software features in receiving cell spying features designed for tracking Facebook messenger. You can get finest deals on the official website and it can allow you to track diverse devices with legal terms.

Mobile spy

2. MobiStealth

This spy software features can steal mobile data with Facebook by using the MobiStealth software. It operates well on all platforms and provides best tools for FB and Messenger spying.


3. SpyEra

This spy software allows you to read all facebook messages and other information on any smartphone. This works incredibly with a reasonable price and offers all features smashed up with the secure and protecting environment.

Spyera phone

We believe above the spying apps will help you to track the smart devices for safety and security.


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