Are you looking for a versatile and intelligent search backup software that will let you specify different file formats and sections that ought to be scanned and recovered? If yes, then you really have to use EaseUS. This is one of the hottest backup apps on the market today, and many types of companies are using this program.

Gone are the days when people would simply cry in desperation each time their files get corrupted or destroyed. With the help of EaseUS backup software, recovering your entire system, particular files and partitions is no longer a complex thing. This can even be accomplished without restoring the image. Automatic backup or scheduling capabilities are also included in this software. Scheduling lets you choose the specific date and time you’d want the start backup process.

EaseUS Todo Backup

Viewing your previous backup activities is also possible so you can easily check whether or not somebody is getting access to your files without your knowledge. In these modern times, you just can be complacent enough.  Why should you opt for a traditional and outdated system backup when you can easily avail of the fastest and most reliable backup program?

Is there a way for you to know whether or not your backup activity became successful? Yes, you will receive an email notification which will alert you in case your automatic backup failed or contained errors. So, if you have recently lost irreplaceable personal files or information which is critical to your business, this software can be used to recover them.

Use EaseUS Partition Master to convert MBR to GPT. The process has something to do with extracting the MBR and stuffing the data straight into the relevant GPT location. The start and end points of partition are quite straightforward to manage, but you have to take note of this important caveat: the GPT fdisk may ignore the CHS value and use the LBA value exclusively. This would mean that such conversion necessarily fails on several disks that were partitioned using the old software. But if the disk is more than 8GiB, the GPT fdisk should easily locate the data that it requires.

EaseUS Partition Master

The software boasts itself of several notable characteristics, such as a simple layout and an easy-to-navigate interface. These features make the EaseUS app the right solution for starters that are still looking for a much simple and easy-to-use partition tool.

In addition, EaseUS data recovery software is capable of recovering several files where the original file names are intact. This particular feature is quite unusual when you’re talking about deleted files on Mac OSX.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Perhaps this program’s most outstanding feature is the intelligent ability to search for many missing files. Simply specify which kind of file you want EaseUS to find. This functionality is particularly useful if you are on the hunt for specific files, considering the amount of data which a single hard drive can handle. You may also specify different sections for this partition manager to skip or search.