What It Takes to be the Best Network in India: Understanding the Latest Opensignal Report

To get a glimpse of the network experience for users across India, an authoritative source like Opensignal is the place to go. It is one of the global standards in network performance measurement. The latest report by Opensignal on Indian mobile networks is out and notes how Indian operators have provided a better network experience even in a challenging environment.

So who is the final winner in the latest round? The report confirms Airtel’s position as the fastest network when it comes to providing the best data download speed. This comes after Ookla rated Airtel as the fastest network for two years in a row. The verdict by these two renowned global network analytics agencies is clear and makes the choice obvious for those looking for the fastest data speed in India.

OpenSignal Test Result: Download Speed Experience
Image source: Opensignal

The report also certifies Airtel as the best in the mobile video experience. From watching live cricket matches to streaming popular shows and movies on the phone, streaming has become the preferred channel for staying informed and entertained. Given how so many of us spend so much of our time streaming videos on our phones, it is a key part of the overall network experience. To measure video experience, Opensignal tracked multiple parameters like load times, stalling and video resolution to analyze each network’s performance. This is what makes the analysis quite robust and scoring the highest in video streaming experience, Airtel has secured a crucial win in the Indian telecom space.

OpenSignal Test Result: Video Experience
Image source: Opensignal

You can take a look at the report by clicking here.

Just within the last few years, high-speed data has become an intrinsic part of the smartphone experience. From HD streaming to browsing and multiplayer gaming, high-speed data is the gateway to smooth connectivity.

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Some of you might have realized that your data experience can differ a lot with the operator you currently have. You can probably stream a video at the end of a congested lane while your friend might have trouble loading a simple web page due to a poor network signal.

By knowing your network speed, it is possible to know what could be hampering your network experience. If you have ever tested your network speed on a site like fast.com or on a mobile app, you might have noticed that download speed is prominently featured as it is the most important metric. It tells you how fast your network can fetch data from a server to your device. If you are watching a video from YouTube, faster download speed will help you load the video faster and watch it without buffering.

Apart from download speed, you might have seen some other metrics. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

Upload speed: Upload speed tells you how quickly you can upload and send files. It also decides how good your video calling experience is going to be.

Ping: Ping measures how quickly your network responds to a request from your device. It is often measured in milliseconds and a faster ping results in a better online experience.

Latency: Latency describes how long it takes for your network to transport data from one end to the other. It is also measured in milliseconds and a low-latency network is more suited for data-intensive activities such as streaming and multiplayer gaming.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of different elements that constitute network speed for you to make an informed choice.

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