Apple’s iPhone is the top selling and most popular smartphone in the world for good reason. In addition to its ease of use and the ability to stay connected with those close to you via phone calls and text messaging it provides, there are a number of other things you can do with it. There are now more than 800,000 apps available on the iTunes App Store that can be downloaded to the device. Many of these fall under the category of entertainment, which means that you can enjoy all of your favorite forms of media regardless of where you are. This includes apps that allow you to watch TV. Of course, these can all be used on Apple’s iPod touch and iPad as well. Here are a few of the top iOS apps for watching TV.

Best iOS Apps for Watching TV

#1 Crackle — Movies and TV

Crackle — Movies and TV is a free app that is a must if you want to watch TV or movies on your device. There is a full listing of TV shows and movies available, including many of the most popular from over the years. To use the app, you need a data connection or Wi-Fi. You can really benefit from Crackle if your regular cable TV runs into a problem or if you simply want to save energy in your home during a heatwave. It works on all iPhones from the 3GS to the current iPhone 5, iPod touch third to fifth generation and all generations of the iPad.

#2 Netflix

Netflix is a free app that works along with a Netflix subscription. A subscription costs only $8 per month and is an excellent alternative to a regular cable subscription as it is much cheaper and features many of the same shows that are currently airing on TV. It is the top subscription service for watching TV on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and requires a Wi-Fi or data connection for watching your favorite shows and movies anytime and anywhere. You can even enjoy watching Netflix for free for a monthly trial and decide later whether it is worth signing up for a subscription.

#3 Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is a free app that is generally the same as Netflix as it requires a monthly subscription that costs $8 per month to watch TV on your iDevice. With it, you can watch all of the most recent and current popular TV shows. You will never feel left in the dark again, especially if you do not have a standard cable TV subscription in your home. The app relies on a data connection or Wi-Fi to work. You can use it on all devices from the iPhone 3GS and more recent versions, the third generation iPod touch to the current and all generations of the iPad.

#4 DirecTV App for iPad

DirecTV App for iPad is free and works with your DirecTV cable subscription as you can watch TV on your iPad from any room in your home. You even get additional channels with the app, such as the Audience Network, on demand showings from Cinemax, Encore, HBO and Starz. Also enjoy movies on your device with DirecTV Cinema at home or even out of your home.

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