Many top insurance companies provide mobile apps for their policy holders and have the good incentive to attract the more users. Mobile apps makes easy for policy holders to file the claim. It also provides the better experience to customers. From the viewpoint of Mobile application it improves the overall process of the company and save the money. Now days there are many smartphone users. The smartphone users can complete all the claiming process right from their insurance apps. You can use your smartphone to click picture or record the video from the accident site which gives the good impact on your claims management and protect you from the fraud. Many insurance apps offer discounts in your insurance policy. Mobile apps are packed with helpful functions such as submitting, documenting, checking the status of the claims.

Best insurance apps

Popular Insurance Apps

Here under are some apps for insurance…

1. Liberty mutual home gallery app

Like home insurance masters as they suggest that to keep active home record and the liberty mutual home gallery app also help you to do that. It’s a hard task to keep the home record but this app makes it easier for you to keep records. The home inventory or home record is necessary because if you are robbed or if your home is damaged by fire then your record will make to file the claim easier it also help to protect your belongings. Like other insurance apps this mobile app is for available the android, iPhone and iPad. With this app you can-

  • Take the pictures of your belongings
  • Make list of each item by room and category
  • Add all the items details and scan the bar-codes of images and give their full description
  • Note down the purchase price, date of purchase and take the picture of the receipt
  • Export your home inventory as a spreadsheet.


GEICO is the great app which has many additional features. Whether you are on ride or on the lounge, GEICO mobile app is the only app when it comes to your insurance policy. When you are out still you can approach to all the features of GEICO has mobile friendly site which has all features which you love like you can get a quote, easily report the claim and log in to your car insurance policy. This mobile app help you to pay your bills as well as you can also update your policy. Quick messaging is like having a GEICO insurance agent in your pocket.

3. Allstate mobile

Allstate mobile application provides you the tools which you need to manage your life and makes it easier. Everything about the policy and claim information is now in your hand. This app will provide you everything from the policy as well as the claiming information. You can easily start your claiming process or pay your bills.

4. My pocket insurance

My pocket insurance app is for the iPhone, android and iPad which are designed for the insurance agents. Insurance apps provide you the many solutions. Users can take photos or download any document and can get any information. My pocket insurance app has many features like: send you the push notification message, include information about insurance agency and their management team. You can book your appointment anytime.

5. Nationwide mobile app

You can access the nationwide mobile app anytime and anywhere:

  • You can pay your bill
  • You can get your insurance card information
  • Exchange and collect about the accident information
  • Get the contact info about your insurance agent.

6. 21st century insurance app

  • You can see your current bill and pay the bill using your debit card or credit card
  • View your policy info anytime
  • You can report for the claim anytime and get the document regarding claim detail
  • Provide you the roadside emergency assistance with this app or you can find the roadside food and hotel
  • This app also provides you the other informative articles, videos, any helpful utilities and other helpful auto insurance resources.

7. Policy bazaar

Now you can compare, buy your policy or share your insurance policy anytime or anywhere with the policy bazaar app. Policy bazaar offers you the car insurance, two wheeler insurance, term insurance, investment and health insurance. You can easily manage all your policy, this app provide you the premiums reminder and other important information. You can buy the insurance policy from your mobile which is fully riskless and has safe payment status.

8. Com car insurance

In the list of insurance apps, this app compares the quotes and helps you to purchase the car insurance. You can compare the quotes from large range of car insurance providers and purchase directly from your phone. You just have to fill your basic details. This app will twist you so quickly between the monthly premiums and annual premiums which are really useful for you. You have to fill all your personal details like age of the car, usage, any additional driver etc. once you fill and provide the entire information then this app will favor you the list of quote so that you can purchase the insurance.

9. Progressive mobile insurance application

Progressive mobile insurance application offers you the variety of insurance over the phone such as automobile insurance, life insurance, health insurance, home owners insurance or commercial auto insurance. Progressive mobile insurance application has many features which is very easy to use for the policy holders. Features such as:

  • You can make your payment regarding your policy premium
  • Easily start and report the claim
  • Click photos of damaged vehicle and directly upload from the accident scene
  • You can find the current crash test ratings
  • Recover the copy of your insurance ID cards
  • Get quotes of the automobile insurance so that you can buy the insurance policy
  • You receive the notification on your vehicle information

10. Drivology

You can download this app on the Google play store or apple app store. The factors used to calculate the cost of car insurance this application take into the driving behavior account because the safe driving means less accidents and the less claim costs. Unlike other insurance apps, this app uses the GPS of your smartphones to record how, when and where you drive. This app will upload the information and analyze the driving of the driver. This app will keep your personal information very carefully.  You have to register your insurance policy to this app when you take out the policy with the drivology app.