The 10 Best Productivity Apps for Android

If you run a business or simply have a busy job, you know how important it is to get and stay organized. Productivity means getting your work done faster, so you have more time with friends and family. These 10 best productivity apps for Android will help you complete your workday faster.

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10 Productivity Apps for Android

Microsoft Remote Desktop

This app lets you stay in touch with your computer wherever you are. You just set your PC up for remote access, and then you have a secure connection to all of the data and files on it as if you were sitting in front of it.


With a rating of 4.6 on the Google Play Store out of nearly 1.5 million reviews, this is the ultimate app for organizing all your thoughts, notes, and to-do lists in one place. It also lets you organize your bills, receipts, and invoices, and it syncs across all your devices. Additional tools enable you to share and collaborate with others.


This app brings this powerful and user-friendly accounting software to your android device. Manage your income and expenses as well as billing and invoicing from any location with this cloud-based app that keeps your finances at your fingertips at all times.

Square Point of Sale

This POS app provides everything you need to be able to swipe a customer’s credit card for any transaction. This includes a free mobile card reader after signing up. The reader attaches to your phone, and the customers pay and sign right on your Android phone. You can also use it to send and receive invoices, give discounts, issue refunds and a host of other features.

Skype for Business

This app is an all-in-one video conferencing solution for those times when you have to get together with coworkers but just can’t do so physically. You can share and view the videos of others while connected, and the person in charge can control the meeting with features such as mute and remove participants.

aCalendar App

A powerful calendar and scheduling app that is designed to utilize the touchscreen interface of a phone or tablet intuitively. The free version provides a number of views, different colors for particular events and flexible calendar management. The paid version adds business features such as inviting attendees and linking contacts as well as task management.


This app is a great tool for collaboration between teams of coworkers trying to get that project done. You can organize people into teams and then message or call any person or group within that team. It allows you to customize notifications, so you can stay focused on your work until something critical comes up.


Organize and collaborate on your projects with anyone. This productivity app enables you to see your projects and what tasks need to be done to accomplish them. Keep yourself organized in your own life, or coordinate with others, and get updates as to how your projects are proceeding.

Email Blue Mail, Calendar, and Tasks

This app gives you one place to manage all of your email accounts. Its intuitive interface enables you to switch between email accounts quickly, or it has a unified view where you see the most critical emails from various accounts based on criteria you set. You won’t spend any more time than is absolutely needed to stay on top of your email communications.

LastPass Password Manager

Say goodbye to the tedium of having to remember separate login information and passwords for every type of online account you have. Let this app store all of this for you, so you can spend your time reading your email or doing the numerous other things that are part of accounts locked behind passwords.

You will find the productivity apps for android above to be extremely helpful, especially if you run a business. These are a starting point and should not be considered a conclusive list of helpful apps.

If you are or not an Android user, you must learn more productivity apps for 2020.

You may even be a bit of a maverick and decide to employ an Android development company to create an app to improve your productivity in ways tailored to your business. Whatever your needs with regard to boosting your productivity, there are plenty of existing solutions available out there as well as companies that can create new, customized solutions.

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