Microsoft has developed Outlook app for both Windows and Mac OS versions to allow users execute smooth emailing. But when comparison is done between both Windows Outlook wins the battle, this is due to some drawbacks that users face while working on Outlook 2011 for Mac. This is why users trend to migrate OLM to PST to avail extended benefits of Microsoft Outlook on Windows platform. Read this upcoming segment to know about drawbacks of Outlook 2011 for Mac responsible for OLM to PST conversion and a solution to export Mac Outlook components in Windows Outlook.

olm to pst conversion

Reasons behind OLM To PST Conversion

  • Mac Outlook support way to interchange signatures with other email signatures, when user adds new signature to replace other signature, Mac Outlook adds new signature to list instead of replacing it with old.
  • Outlook Mac database account does not identify external application like Launchbar or Virex that index content on hard disk. This happens because of decreased capability of Outlook and to overcome such issues users are required to exclude certain directories from Outlook account.
  • Master category list of Exchange Server cannot be sync with Outlook Mac, if required doing so users need to exclude or delete unwanted directories from list.
  • If user renamed Microsoft User Data folder or any of its subfolders then blank identity is created for that particular folder.

How To Export Mac Database Files In Windows Outlook?

Not all but some severe issues observed by users while working on Mac Outlook is discussed those are responsible for OLM to PST conversion. Now in next section the solution to export Outlook 2011 archive file data in Windows Outlook will be discussed to facilitate users with ability to access Mac data in Windows platform. Outlook 2011 for Mac stores all mailbox data in an archive file therefore if user need to export mail database in PST format then users need to export archive file data in OLM file.

olm to pst converter

Due to absence of manual procedure users are required to hire professional tools like OLM to PST converter to export Outlook 2011 for Mac elements in Windows Outlook. The tool will export OLM file emails, contacts, calendars, journals and to do lists in Outlook PST importable even in latest 2016 version.

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