Things to Consider Before Planning to Build Your Next Mobile Application


Developing your first mobile app can be a strenuous experience. As we know the mobile app market is rapidly growing, it’s hard to keep track of all the revolutionizing technology. Therefore, before you even begin developing your next mobile app, you should consider the following aspects that will make your project a big achievement. So we’ve hoarded some resources to help you build your first mobile app in a cost-effective manner.

The Next Mobile App

Next mobile app development tips

Endorsing existing business or expanding a new income stream

Before you start detailing the next ‘must have’ app, you need to have a clear understanding if the app will be a marketing tool or it will be able to make enough money to cover the app development cost. You need to decide the app category whether it will be a shopping, social, communication, music & audio, photography, family and more. Decide on the app will be for worldwide release or targeting a few selected markets. Another important thing you need to evaluate before you consider making an mobile app decide on your monetization model, you want to give free-to-play or paid app.

If you are planning to promote your business via first or next mobile app, set your app to free as this will magnetize possible downloads. But, if you want to make money, the app should be under ‘paid’ category. Select the right pricing strategy for your app, however, if you failed to pick on the wrong pricing strategy, it can cost you plenty. If the initial primary business model includes in-app purchases, co-branding, ads, subscription and more you’ll possibly want to offer your app away for free.

Which Platform, iOS or Android?

There are various factors you need to think before selecting a mobile platform for your next mobile app. Looking particularly at the two major platforms, iOS, and Android. The first thing you need to decide is the geographical market you want to aim with your app. The popularity of the platforms differs from one country or the next.

Another thing to consider is the variation in user demographics between both mobile platforms. There are now more people using Android devices than Apple devices all over the world. Though, Apple users on Apple Store tend to spend more than Android users spend on Google Play.

The cost of building an app for Android or Apple iOS mobile devices is relatively similar. Developing an app for Android devices can be higher at times as you need to build an app for a larger number of Android devices, but Android platform allows you to get hold of a far-reaching audience but iOS audience spends more. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages; think wisely before you choose the mobile platform for your next app.

Hiring developer or making an app yourself?

Should you hire a developer, or should you learn to code? It’s very important to make a right choice. It is frequently ignored fact that the programming languages, Objective-C, and Java are used to build native Apple and Android apps respectively- both the languages are difficult ones. You may take up to 18 months to develop real expertise, there are numerous online resources that will support you to be trained to code for your app.

The hiring developer may cost more, but the right developer can add value in many ways than just development, it will help you increase profits for your app business. You need to understand that developing a mobile app is not just about coding. It requires great functional design and user experience. Before hiring a developer, check their portfolio for excellent UI/UX skills, beautiful looking apps with excellent user interfaces is one of the important aspects while developing an app.

Keep risk low

Creating an app automatically involves lots of risks of time and money. I would suggest you limit your risks and keep them low, rather targeting to create a big app, focus on creating a successful first or next mobile app. When you code for your app, ensure you don’t spend more than 6-12 months, simultaneously, a goal to bring a profit as quickly as possible.

Secondly, make your app available in online stores at the affordable price for users. Reviews and feedback of apps will help you authenticate your notion of app’s pricing, app UI /UX, theme, features and more. The information and experience you gain from the publishing progress will help you to make more intelligent decisions.

Now, you have decided to create a mobile app, keep the above-mentioned aspects in mind and links to resources that can help you with your choices.


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